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Picture it!

Theme Day: Helpful Sigonella Transition Tips
(Uno) 1. You will fight with your spouse/family. Prepare yourself with strategies for distinguishing travel anger.

(Due) 2. The base uses USD (U.S. Dollar). You don’t have to get rid of all of your cash.

(Tre) 3. Lamps are the easiest electric item to convert – a 220 volt bulb and a simple “lego” outlet converter and you are in business.

(Quattro) 4. The weather is awesome. Um, I can acknowledge that this totally depends on your previous duty station, but I am digging the 70 degree afternoon we had the other day. Yeaaaa!

(Cinque) 5. It is super easy to order *most* “comforts” of home online. Research the ones that are super important to you and don’t worry about the rest. I try to find Italian substitutes, but when in doubt, the internet is my friend.

Cento – a la Sophia Petrillo

Picture it! Sicily, 2011. I had just moved to Sicily and everyone around me was eating ricotta this, ricotta that, even ricotta donuts. I tried the ash-crusted ricotta and loved it. I put fresh ricotta on my pizza and loved it. The honey-sweetend ricotta that filled up my cannolo was dream worthy. I knew it was good, but c’mon, I just don’t like donuts. Then, I had my first reluctant bite and the donut world as I knew it exploded. A still-warm puff of fried dough wrapped around barely sweetened rich ricotta, sugar sticking to the outer layer sticking ever-so-slightly to my fingers as I delicately maintained just enough pressure to keep the donut in my hand but not so much as to squeeze the filling out. The mix of textures and tastes combined in my mouth and I was converted. You would be, too.


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