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Thank you Sara & KEXP

First things first, I have to kick it to all of my Seattle peeps because almost everyone I know in Seattle has at one point or another recommended KEXP to me. But earliest and most adamantly, Michael B nudged me in his quiet “look how cool you can be like me” way to listen to KEXP when I was living in Seattle.

Thank you Michael!

Next, Nathan gave me more of an insiders view of KEXP. My Seattle friend Nathan has been volunteering at KEXP for years and years; he let me tag along on a companion fare for SIFF movies, he took me to the studio a couple of times, prodded me out the door to KEXP community events, played beautiful music for pure appreciation after dizzying conversations about life, let his adoration and admiration of KEXP shine through all the time.

Thank you Nathan!

Of course, everyone else Seattle who is reading this and I can’t name you all – thank YOU, too!

Then I came to Sicily and thought KEXP would be a ghostly whisper in my ear…but of course, these are the days of the internet…but even more than that, these are the days of Sara telling me about the KEXP Song of the Day podcast. Not being a very good media technician, itunes technician, or anything like that, I quickly signed up for this podcast and then even more quickly forgot all about it.

Nevertheless, Thank You Sara!

Luckily, despite my shortcomings, Sara reminded me of Santigold, which she discovered via KEXP Song of the Day, and now I am nursing my pre-race jitters with this song. I hope you enjoy it, too!


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“Scared?” asked The Stranger.

Check out the review of JWF’s new show in Seattle! The Stranger gave it a favorable review.

What do you think?

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Olympic Sculpture Park (via 24:00)

Although cinquecentoProject focuses on the positive aspects of living in Sicilia, I have a certain fondness for Seattle, Wisconsin and other spots that I can’t deny.

Check out these great shots of the Sculpture Park in Seattle. It was my favorite sight to recommend to visitors and I was always happy to host a tour. We even included it in the slightly rainy 5k on our wedding day.

Fond memories!

Olympic Sculpture Park I wasn't kidding when I said I had a ton of photos from Ben's visit on the way. You know I actually still have a bunch of pictures from my trip to Hawaii in January to share too…maybe I should just start uploading to Flickr again. Here are some silly photos of us playing around in Sculpture Park (the Seattle Art Museum's outdoor gallery of sorts). Add it to your list if you haven't been, it's a very nice place to spend an afternoon! There's als … Read More

via 24:00

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The Outfits

Buon giorno!

After slogging through a fairly miserable Seattle spring, I had been anxious for the unrelenting Sicilian sun. I remembered the heat and relative humidity from my 2005 visit to Sicily and I packed my bags accordingly.

Unfortunately, when I arrived, I realized a key piece of my temporary wardrobe was no longer appropriate to wear in public. This key piece is one of my favorite khaki skirts; and I have worn it so regularly and for long enough that I wore a hole into one of the side seams. This was my only heat-tolerable bottom piece. Therefore, until the other day, I had been surviving the Sicilian heat by wearing sundresses. Yes, I packed five sundresses.

Because the rest of my clothes are packed with our household goods, it will be about six weeks until I see the rest of my wardrobe.

So, I went shopping. Well, shopping-light. I got two new outfits, including a pair of black shorts that will allow me to wear something other than a sundress.

A little black dress.

While I already have a pile of dresses, this was too cute to pass up!


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