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Parco Avventura Etna

Ciao Tutti!

(Uno) 1. Base-to-Base Series Turkey Trot 5k. It was a beautiful morning for a friendly run. Enjoyed pushing myself as I competed with another gentleman runner. We swapped leads a few times and finished within moments of each other. Hearing his keys jingling behind me motivated my final sprint!

(Due) 2. Lovely sunshine on the weekend. Thank you Sicilian November weather.

(Tre) 3. Meeting new Sigonellans during a group outing. I met sweet children, a CrossFit trainer (and personal trainer), doctor, someone in the same command I work for (sort of), reunited with a nice couple we met in indoc and a wonderfully brave woman with a beautiful smile.

(Quattro) 4. Parco Avventura! See below.

(Cinque) 5. My muscles – they helped me really enjoy the day yesterday.


Parco Avventura is a ropes course set halfway up Mt. Etna. Down here, near sea level, we still have green leaves, but in Milo, Parco Avventura’s trees were in full autumn goldens and ambers. It was beautiful. We traversed wooden planks suspended with wires between trees, tightropes, swings, ropes, and more; all while we were harnessed and clipped into safety lines. Each course ended with on a tree platform that had a zip-line down to ground level. One course was a series of five zip-lines. The red course (most challenging) gave my abs, upper body and mind a great work-out.

A climbing wall to entertain you while you wait. With the cooler temperatures, we were among the special few there that day, thus we didn’t have to wait!

Here is the start of the blue course (“percorso blu”).

Here we are at the dreaded RED COURSE! Someone’s coming up the climbing wall.

Peek-a-boo! It’s me!

Woman on Wire

I thought I was really clever and I started to walk backward on the wire. I got a step and a half before I realized what a dumb idea that was! I nearly fell off the wire. The biggest adrenaline rush of the day, actually.

You might say I was a tad bit nervous. Those pegs are tiny and I had big running shoes on!

Celebrating being safely on the ground…for now!


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