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Four More Years…at least.

This morning I awoke with the words “Happy Anniversary” on my mind…

…and from the other room I heard “They are calling it for Obama!” “And, Tammy and Tommy is close, but Tammy’s ahead!” “And, Warren won!!!”

Sigh. It was a great anniversary!

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Extremists totally suck.

I don’t know about you, but today I have been really upset about the violence in Egypt and Libya yesterday. I know that worse violence has been part of daily living for so many of the people in both places, so perhaps the depth of my feeling today is reflecting all that deferred angst. No matter what, extremists totally suck.

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National Federation of…Affordable Care Cat?

While I was anxiously awaiting the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) decision on the Affordable Care Act, I knew that no matter the outcome, this would be an opinion to geek out on just like law school days.

Back then it was more about whether water-boarding is torture (yes) and if John Yoo should be disbarred for ethical absence (what do you think my opinion is?).

Now, I have fewer friends nearby to join the discussion, but I still chat with them via email, skype and facebook, plus my curiosity grew when Chief Justice John Roberts not only penned the opinion (as I expected) but also led the affirming opinion (/”;9’dbapaps – I didn’t see that one coming).

Thus, here I am on Friday afternoon soaking up Sicilian sunshine and digging into the opinion.

20120629-175136.jpg It’s my terrace, and I’ll sunbathe nude if I want to!

Unfortunately, the case title is long, cumbersome, and completely boring. National Federation of Independent Business et al. v. Sebelius, Secretary of Health and Human Services, et al.

Uh, yeaaaaaa, I don’t want to say that a whole bunch of times. I also dislike the commonly used “Obamacare” because it is a misnomer, it is political, and it gives too much credit to one person.

Misnomer because Obama is not actually providing any care and pretty much thousands of people worked for decades to come to a place where this legislation was even plausible.

Political is obvious, I dislike that because despite the acerbic reality of society, this type of move shouldn’t be political at all, it is not only good public policy healthwise, it will also push for innovation and fresh ideas in healthcare industries erected and sustained by crusty wealthy people. The world changes and so should business models and profits. A stagnant nation is a declining nation. Plus, a lot of people say “Obamacare” with a distinct sneer on their face and that just ain’t pretty.

Too much credit to one person – I touched on this in the misnomer section, but it runs deeper than that. Even with all the background legwork by others, some would say, some are already saying and some will say that it was only because of Barack Obama’s unique leadership that the bill was passed. I do not deny the extraordinary role he played, but he is still just one man and we are a nation of the people. I applaud him, I credit his incredible contribution, but I stop short of deifying his name into legislation his way.

After this reflection, I was still without a good shorthand name for the opinion.

Then, I got an email from my law school buddy Mel. She shared this with me:

Catty puns about the affirmation of the Affordable Care Act? That is a trifecta of pleasure!!!

I will think of it as the ACA opinion, or Affordable Care Act opinion out of reverence for its importance; but in my mind, I will be thinking of that “cat a tax” every time.

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A Patriotic Post


A patriotic post.

(Uno) 1. Absentee ballots. I have voted absentee in the past, due to travel plans. This year I am re-establishing my home state residence, and voting absentee. And my home state just passed these awful voter ID laws, so I am hoping the process goes smoothly. On top of that, I pretty much distrust all politicians, yet I am excited to vote!

(Due) 2. Cheryl Perich and her narcolepsy. “Wha???” you are asking. Well, it is the shorthand for a legal decision passed down from the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS). Yea, kinda a big deal, but most of us will probably never know this case by name.

(Tre) 3. The Obamas “Partners in Love and the Presidency.” I’m not trying to talk politics here, I loved the marriage of George and Laura Bush, too. Well, let’s face it, I loved it that Laura Bush was uber progressive in comparison to President Bush and that her daughters were real people. I didn’t really know a whole lot about their marriage.

(Quattro) 4. Wow. This is inspiring – I feel extra patriotic reading it.

(Cinque) 5. I grew up talking about politics around the dinner table – not every night, and not union-based like the author in Quattro – but I knew who important decision-makers were. Even though I am disillusioned with politics, I feel it is always important to be an informed and active voter.



Jill: Gimme a “V!”

Crowd: “V!”

Jill: Gimme an “O!”

Crowd: “O!”

Jill: Gimme a “T!”

Crowd: “T!”

Jill: Gimme an “I!”

Crowd: “I!”

Jill: Gimme an “N!”

Crowd: “N!”

Jill: Gimme a “G!”

Crowd: “G!”

Jill: What’s that spell?

Crowd: Voting!!!



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Vino at Gambino


(Uno) 1. Visiting Gambino Winery. It is situated high on the hills below Mt. Etna. We saw beautiful autumn colors as we made the drive up with a colleague of Dave’s.

(Due) 2. Photo shoot at Gambino. (See below) And smart talk, like “Bambino Gambino!” LOL. Wait, you aren’t LOLing? Maybe you had to be there…

(Tre) 3. Appetizers at Gambino. Smoked ricotta, mixed herb white cheese (that’s really how he described it), pico provolone (dry), pepato (black peppercorn in the cheese), salami, chestnuts and honey served with porkfat bacon, salsiccie, caponata, yummy greens that were sauteed and look similar to spinach and taste more like kale. They grow wild near the winery.

(Quattro) 4. Vino at Gambino. DOC and DOCG have merged to DOP people!!! Did anyone else know this? All my time at Lombardino’s has been erased. IGT is now IGP, too. Whoa. That blew my mind, especially after a few healthy “tastes” of wine.

(Cinque) 5. Laughing at the terrible movie “Urban Cowboy” – so bad! So, so bad.


The presidential debates may have started months ago, but this gal has been avoiding media coverage until the one-year mark. We’ve reached it and my disappointment is immediate and, unfortunately, unsurprising. While I prefer to find intelligence, forethought and compassion in political candidates, on ALL sides of the aisle; I at least expect to find maturity. Yes, that’s asking too much in this current political drama festival. But really, when you are running for President, I should hope you could at least take a couple steps away from name-calling your opponent. It is so childish! Let’s elevate the discussion, please.

Gambino Photo Shoot

It was a lovely day to visit a mountain winery.

Here are some of the beautiful autumn colors I was telling you about.

A few wine barrel relics displayed for posterity.

Of course, they grow olives and press olive oil, too. How Sicilian!

Just a little more sight-seeing before we go inside.

Time to go in and check this place out!

Pretty table settings, with chestnuts galore. We were a group of three, so we got to sit on the end in the sunshine. It was quite cozy!

Then, the appetizers! They paired the appetizers to go with the white wines (first) and then the red wines.

Although I was trying to keep my “tastes” reasonable, Dave was driving and I arrived on an empty stomach. Therefore, my photos peter off about now – missing any photos of wine, caponata or the delectable desserts (gianduja covered pears, mostarda with hazelnuts, and chocolate!). Oopsie! Guess I’ll have to go back and get the full scoop for y’all.

Mmmmm…I CAN tell you that the wines were mighty tasty!

Sober Dave even agreed – and we got the loot to show for it!

Ciao Tutti!


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