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Oy vey!



1 (uno). Morning meeting to discuss publicity duties. Sometimes meetings like this stress me out because the first meeting sets a certain tone. Great tone at this meeting, yay!
2 (due). Lunch meeting with my new colleagues! See above for my anxieties. This also had the group dynamic and I prefer getting to know people one on one. The colleagues are all good conversationalists and it went well.
3 (tre). Oy vey, paying a parking ticket I got in Catania. See below.
4 (quattro). Marriage is work. Having the tough conversations is the hardest work for me. I am grateful for my own fortitude and for Dave’s candor, compassion and commitment to staying in the conversation until it is over for both of us.
5 (cinque). PC or Mac? I still can’t decide!!! I am so excited to get a sleek new machine no matter what.


“Ooh, there’s a spot! Sweet.” You know this feeling when you score a precious free parking spot. It’s the feeling that life is going your way. The sign to take a few risks, am I right? Luckily I enjoyed this euphoria for a few hours before returning to find the ticket. And, in turn, looking further down the block to find the ‘no parking’ sign. Oy vey. A little crestfallen, I returned to base, got help filling out the ticket and later on paid it – at the post office. Yep, you can pay parking tickets at the post office. Neato.

Here we go! I hope it’s as much fun as the US post office.


Wow. A ticket. This feels familiar. Like at the DMV. I hope I don’t have to wait like it’s a DMV.


Ah, some nice chairs for waiting. And, just look at all those windows open. Great! This should only take five minutes.


It did only take five minutes. It was great. The post office charged a small fee on top of the ticket price and the convenience was worth it. I didn’t have to track down an agency office or find a municipal building in an unfamiliar part of town. I just went a five minute walk from our residence hotel and took care of the ticket. Look what I spotted on my way out – Postamat! Sweet.



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