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The Maki-bear

Like other omnivores, the Maki-bear prowls through deep forests foraging for sustenance.

Total immersion is required by the Maki-bear; he was so focused on his task that this is the only full face shot the photographer was able to obtain.

Finally satisfied with his labors, Maki-bear settles down to enjoy his final blade of we-thought-those-were-chives grass.

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More Green Island, Lyudao, Taiwan

The nature pictures of picturesque, Lyudao, aka Green Island, Taiwan.

The typical cuddly pose of the dual self-portrait. Maddie & me.

We were in the top pavilion of the Little Great Wall of China.

The following pictures are the views from the pavilion.

A great place to hang out for sweet contemplation.

Then, there was the panoramic view from Mountain Goat Bluff. It was a brief walk through poisonous snake and bee infested greenways, along a wooden pathway, up to the bowl of Mountain Goat Bluff (self-title, btw). We scrambled a bit among a crag or two and listened to the mild bleats of the goats and kids. It was incredibly peaceful and serene.

See you tomorrow for more Green Island beauty. Namaste.


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