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West Virginia ROCKS!

If you are anything like me, and probably a good 295 million other people in the U.S., the most recognizable West Virginia reference you know of may be this one:


Of course, if you follow the burgeoning (cresting?) food movement in the U.S., you may have heard of that infamous chef Jamie Oliver.


Pictured here with a CINQUECENTO!!! (That’s the car he’s leaned up against!)

jamie's italyjamie’s italy (I got the photo of this dust jacket from his website and have included the link to this book.)


Mr. Oliver tackled the notorious disaster that is school cafeteria food in none other than West Virginia. Naturally, he did it in his reality-TV, flashy style, on the television show Food Revolution. However, if you’ve followed Jamie Oliver’s career, you can see that this man has heart and he puts it into everything he does. He is enigmatic in the way he manages to balance his intense passion with his robust capacity for self-promotion and publicity. It is a true gift.

And the most recent benefits of his gifts are the students and school cafeteria workers in Huntington, West Virginia, who are now eating and cooking a nearly 100% food-from-scratch menu. Wow! This is a public school people! What an inspiration to the rest of the state, nation, and institutions who follow the bold lead of Rhonda McCoy (school food service director in Huntington), Dr. Jorea Marple (W. Va. state schools superintendent) and Alice Gue (school cook featured on Food Revolution). Ms. McCoy has binders full of recipes with USDA ingredients list for other schools to follow. My goal is to continue working toward making 100% from-scratch meals at home.

Jane Black wrote the follow-up that informed me and you can read all about it here.

Go West Virginia!!!


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Welcome to the winery.


  1. Stayed sober after getting the gentle let-down of being passed over for the job I recently interviewed for.
  2. Made lemonade out of disappointment-lemons by telling another military spouse about the job opening.
  3. Created a stay strong outlook with “Survivor” by Destiny’s Child on my playlist and “You Can’t Keep a Good Woman Down” by Alice Walker in my hand.
  4. Listened to my Italian Songs playlist, a gift from my newlywed friend Ashley.
  5. Check, check, check, check, checked all the boxes on my to-do list!

Keeping perspective in the face of disappointment is difficult at the best of times. Going on five hours sleep, functioning without your partner, and resting your hopes of paying your hefty student loan bills on the outcome, disappointment can feel overwhelming. At first. “*Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.” It is normal to feel disappointment, hurt and angry. Yet, these flashes are temporary states of emotion. With practice and perspective, I can weather such storms by keeping my eye on the sparkling vision of an engaging vocation and financial stability; which is so pretty, why waste time dwelling elsewhere? Forward!

*Recently, I’ve read that Haruki Murakami is credited in some places with this quote or with referring to it, though it is also a common spiritual edict in eastern religions, and more frequently in western phillosophies.)

Since I passed on the opportunity to open up my own “whinery” yesterday, I decided it was high time I shared these enchanting photos I snapped at the Bagliesi Winery outside of Agrigento on Sunday. Enjoy!

Now, we’ll take an imaginary step back in time with the help of the Hipstamatic.

Take a moment to stop and see the vines.

And finish with a lovely path down which your mind may wander…


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