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Photo Montage, The Early Days

As Part I of this five part series of photos, here are my favorite photos from the early days of our arrival on Sicily. This is the time when I was struggling to master the manual transmission, worrying about finding a job, and sweating my ass off.

A familiar sight to many a Sicilian and ALL Sigonellans are the sheep-goat crossbreed that are shepherded up and down a road we use to go to and from base, and the base housing complex, called Marinai. Familiarly referred to as “geep.”

We took a day trip west to the hill town of Enna. Yes, Italy’s most famous “hill towns” are in Tuscany, but Enna has a special magic. We found this moving sculpture honoring the slave labor that erected several times over the castle structure at the top of Enna.

While I adjusted to living with a thin to heavy layer of sweat on my body at all times, I learned to relish the cool moments of dipping into the Ionian Sea. Here was a gorgeous swimming hole at the base of Aci Castello – just be careful not to cut yourself on the lava rock if you visit this location.

The cats, Maki (fluff ball) and Panther (sleek yellow-eyed), really hated our temporary lodging in Motta Sant’Anastasia (“Motta”). It was hotter than Seattle, significantly less space, and they had had enough. They were so exasperated that they finally truly bonded! Here they are mid-cat nap, it is sort of like the Sistine Chapel, no?

Finally, we found a home and left our friendly hosts in Motta. I was quite happy to settle into our own digs, but I would miss the welcoming walkway and friendly staff at the Motta Residence Hotel. Here is the entryway.


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