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Sun Salutation


A quiet Saturday morning moment…

Uno. Walking into the living room to fetch my book and looking up to see the rising sun kissing Mt. Etna.


Due. Stepping outside to take in the view and looking down at the first frost I have seen this year.



Tre. Wandering to the other side of the house to see the shining ball of orangey-red light burning on the horizon.


Quattro. Savoring a quiet moment of watching Panther make his bed as he faced the sun.


Cinque. Hearing Maki’s plaintive mews break the silence as he requested playtime outside.



The morning light called me out of bed. I rose up before the sun. I stretched my arms above my head and drew air deep into my lungs, creating space before I bent forward, reached to hug the sun, and ended with my palms next to my feet. My chest pulled away from my knees and then I kicked my feet back as I breathed. Measured pushes down, up, down, and up, and I was a vee. I felt more alive than alive can describe. I breathed out as my feet jumped back to my hands and I arose once again.


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Happy Anniversary, To me, to me…

…and a Happy Anniversary, To you, to you


Five things I love about being married to Dave:

(Uno) 1. Laughing at my family with him.

(Due) 2. Laughing at his silly antics.

(Tre) 3. Feeling him love me in weak moments.

(Quattro) 4. Having a partner when the shit hits the fan (see: post-law-school unemployment, see also: general neurosis, see also: kitties).

(Cinque) 5. Knowing nothing is certain and that we are choosing the good times, choosing the challenging times, and choosing to fight for our partnership.

I love you Dave!


Bad kitty mama! With the cats, we get into a sort of routine to keep them fed (food, duh), clean (litter box, other tidiness) and happy (cuddling, playtime, etc). Saturday I completely forgot to feed the cats! Finally, I noticed their dishes empty Sunday as I was cleaning their litter boxes. Phew. Um, until tonight when I realized I had reversed the litter box lid, trapping them inside and forcing them to break through the plastic door. D’oh! Luckily, they still love me and will not try to eat me in my sleep. Hey, Dave doesn’t do that either, yay!


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Arrivando al mattino


1. Submitted my paperwork for my Permesso di Soggiorni, Sojourner’s Permit.
2. Found out our household goods are still en route, expected to arrive 2 Oct. Hey, knowledge is power, now we can plan.
3. Knocked down all the tasks on my to-do list for the day.
4. Delicious lunch: sautéed onion, garlic, and zucchini, then sautéed my leftover casarecci pasta at the end. I love re-heating pasta this way.
5. Introduced Maki and Panther to our neighbor-friend Monique, who will take care of them while we visit the Isole Aeolia.

dee-di-di-deeeee. Dee-di-di-deeeee! DEE-DI-DI-DEEEEE! The alarm went off too early. My confused brain was still scrambling as my arm instinctively reached for the clock. My arm was confused, too, and I could not connect my hand to the snooze button; my vain attempts reminded me of a child playing whack-a-mole haphazardly. Finally my brain intervened and pushed my hand to the light switch and allowed my eyes to take control of the situation. Yes! Mission accomplished: awake at 4:30am, ready to meet the group for our early morning departure. Bring on the fun! Arrivando al mattino e Lípari, here we come!


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