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Kissing in Estonia

Ciao bella!

How are you this fine Thursday? What’s that? You’re full of energy and love your job? Ha ha, yea, right, then what, oh what, are you doing on this blog?

If you answered that you are on this blog to scratch the Estonia itch that I started in your mind, well, you have definitely tuned in at the right time. If you answered that you are here for the lovely, though technically oblivious photos, you are in the right place. If you just like to be in touch with me from afar, well then Congratulations! – you’re a winner. So many reasons exist for this to be the right blogpost at the right time for you. Enjoy.

Kissing Students statue and fountain, located in front of Tartu Town Hall
Tartu, Estonia
August 2012

Estonia’s language persevered over the years largely through oral tradition, and is still being preserved and promoted through song, prose and poetry. The romantic inspiration for students to rebel with kisses instead of violence goes hand in hand with such a creative emphasis in the culture. The statue was erected to honor the kissing student legend.

We’re letting the effervescent bubbles kiss our faces at this outdoor patio. I’m surrounded by Daves, my husband on my right and our PhD friend on my left. Uncharacteristically, I drank cider while in Estonia. It was quite popular there, so I dipped my toe in the cider pool…and quickly jumped in fully clothed. The cider was refreshing without being overly sweet. Teresexim! (my butchered version of the Estonia equivalent of “cheers!”)

The Estonia word for Thursday translates pretty much to “fourth day” – so I’m including a fourth picture for your enjoyment. This is me waiting for Estonian ice cream. Mmmmmmm. Yes, you want to have some, I recommend the plum variety! This establishment offered homemade waffle cones; to one side, the clerk had a waffle iron going. Hint, hint, ice-cream makers out there!

That’s all for this edition of living large in Estonia. I hope you had a good time and look forward to the next adventure recall. Paper and Printing museums yet to come, along with remembering a Georgian restaurant (no, not that Georgia; this Georgia).

Ciao ciao,

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