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“Non bagnarti prima di piovere!”

Rain, rain, go away…

Er…I’ll take your 2-hour delay!

That’s right motherfuckas!!! Due to intense rains and flash flooding, thunder and lightning, Sigonella recently announced a 2-hour delay for all non-essential personnel, and that means this bee-otch. If this post is a bit more vulgar than you’re used to, blame it on the rain. Or, blame it on the sailors I work with. There was a lovely welcome period where they refrained from saying “shit” or dropping the f-bomb. I’m not sure if work is more intense, or they just realized I’m not easily offended, but the honeymoon language sensitivity is definitely over.

Here are a few fun Italian words to add to your vocabulary:

“Piovere” = to rain – (Say it: “PEE-yo-vay-ray”)

“Piove” = It’s raining – (Say it: “PEE-yo-vahy”)

“Pioggia” = rain – (Say it: “PEE-yOh-zjah”) (where the “zjah” sound is really soft, like “jah” but with a little edginess)

And, to go along with all the rainy day sayings we have in English, you can remember this Italian phrase, reminding us not to get take a bath before you get wet…reminding us not to lather up before the water pours on you…reminding us not to freak out about getting wet before you actually get wet – or is it really reminding us to live in the moment (like most phrases do? lemons/lemonade, anyone?)…in any case, it is fun to say because it’s Italian:

“Non bagnarti prima di piovere!”

Update: Catania airport closed at 8:16pm due to hail, heavy rains and heavy winds! Holy Schnikes!

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