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Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day!

To commemorate Memorial Day, Dave and I traveled to Lipari, one of the Aeolian Islands (Isole Eolie). We visited last Labor Day, too. This morning we are up with the sun and headed back to Acireale.

20120528-073641.jpg Dave looking for our hydrofoil ferry (“aliscafo” in Italian), in Lipari.

In my first eighteen years of life, I accompanied my family to my paternal grandfather’s grave on Memorial Day. Both of my grandfathers served in the military for short stints of time. However, we had a tradition of spending this holiday with my paternal grandmother. At the cemetery, we tidied up, Mom arranged the flowers, and we strolled by graves of other relatives en route to the Memorial Day ceremony at the center of the cemetery. It was a fine tradition and I believe my parents have continued it, even after my grandmother’s death.

Although Memorial Day is a day to honor those who have died during military service, we can also show appreciation for anyone who has served, for the risks apply to all who put themselves in harm’s way. On that note, Thank You to all the former and current service members I have been lucky enough to know over the years. Thank you to my grandfathers, to my Dave who spent seven months in Afghanistan, to Dave’s new colleagues in EURAFSWA, to my new friend Troy who survived three IEDs during his multiple deployments, to Warren who continues to seek new ways to understand the ugly sides of the foreign cultures he has experienced while deployed, to Sara who endures the strife of the ER as a family doc, to all of my colleagues who served 20+ years and are now retired, to my cousins and uncles who have served, to my aunt Ingrid who endured an overseas duty station, and to all the wonderful JAGs from NJS and the PacNW who gave Dave an amazing welcome into a great community of attorneys. Thank you!

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