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Innovations: Cinquecento as Armchair

As I was internet sailing (I think that is the translation for the Italian phrase for web surfing), I came across this awesome photograph of a re-purposed Fiat Cinquecento.

Check it out. Fiat Cinquecento chair in Sicily.

Original photo can be found here. The website, The Sicily Site, says that this chair is at a bar in Sciacca, which is about 3-4 hours from Catania, hmmm…I will have to keep it on my list of things to do when we visit the western side of the island. Luckily, I have a new site to visit when planning my Sicilian adventures:

The Sicily Site is a collaboration between Mother and Son, and is for people that want to find out first hand information about Sicilian culture, the Sicilian language, and all things Sicilian.”


The chair reminded me of my favorite restaurant in Bremerton, WA – Hi-Lo’s 15th Street Cafe. If you are ever anywhere near Bremerton and need a place to get yummy breakfast/lunch, go to Hi-Lo’s. You won’t be sorry. They make almost everything from scratch and they brew some very delicious coffee. Have the green eggs and ham scramble for me (pesto, mozzarella, ham, along with some of the best skillet potatoes in the world). If you have it made with egg whites and no ham, the server there named Jill might look at you funny, but she’ll get it done. I think I ordered it like that at least ten times from her and I still got the funny look every time.

However, the reason the Fiat Cinquecento chair above reminded me of Hi-Lo’s is because Heidi (Hi) and Lowell (Lo) use similar innovations in decorating the restaurant and creating unique seating options. Inside the restaurant, the rear end of a van is used as a coffee cubby (you serve yourself coffee and use one of the eclectic mugs in their collection). Additionally, they parked a VW van just outside the restaurant, gutted it, painted it and now you can be served breakfast and lunch inside of it! There is a fold-down table on the back end, too (weather permitting).

Heidi (on right) and another woman in front of the coffee cubby.

This picture is from Hi-Lo’s website, and I couldn’t find a picture of the Hi-Lo’s VW bus on the website, though you can see it featured in this article.

Another blogger posted a photo on her blog:

Thanks for the great memories, Hi-Lo’s, I’m not sure when we’ll be back, but I hope you’re still beautifying Bremerton!


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West Virginia ROCKS!

If you are anything like me, and probably a good 295 million other people in the U.S., the most recognizable West Virginia reference you know of may be this one:


Of course, if you follow the burgeoning (cresting?) food movement in the U.S., you may have heard of that infamous chef Jamie Oliver.


Pictured here with a CINQUECENTO!!! (That’s the car he’s leaned up against!)

jamie's italyjamie’s italy (I got the photo of this dust jacket from his website and have included the link to this book.)


Mr. Oliver tackled the notorious disaster that is school cafeteria food in none other than West Virginia. Naturally, he did it in his reality-TV, flashy style, on the television show Food Revolution. However, if you’ve followed Jamie Oliver’s career, you can see that this man has heart and he puts it into everything he does. He is enigmatic in the way he manages to balance his intense passion with his robust capacity for self-promotion and publicity. It is a true gift.

And the most recent benefits of his gifts are the students and school cafeteria workers in Huntington, West Virginia, who are now eating and cooking a nearly 100% food-from-scratch menu. Wow! This is a public school people! What an inspiration to the rest of the state, nation, and institutions who follow the bold lead of Rhonda McCoy (school food service director in Huntington), Dr. Jorea Marple (W. Va. state schools superintendent) and Alice Gue (school cook featured on Food Revolution). Ms. McCoy has binders full of recipes with USDA ingredients list for other schools to follow. My goal is to continue working toward making 100% from-scratch meals at home.

Jane Black wrote the follow-up that informed me and you can read all about it here.

Go West Virginia!!!


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“Name it! Claim it! Rejoice in it! Share it!”


  1. Chatted with a friend at the library.
  2. Started a new book, “The Tiger’s Wife” by Tea Obrecht.
  3. Got caught up on my to-do list; updated my to-do list.
  4. Emailed Fiat to ask for the opportunity to promote the newer Cinquecento model on my blog. Wouldn’t it be perfect for me to be driving a Fiat Cinquecento (or this one)? I think so, too.
  5. Ate a yummy stir-fry Dave made: rice with onion, garlic, red pepper, mushroom, radish and a touch of jalapeno, finished with a hoisin sauce we’re trying out. Does anyone know how to make hoisin sauce at home? (searching for a link brought up three different recipes, but I still wanna hear from you!)

“Name it! Claim it! Rejoice in it! Share it!” I can still hear Father Ed screaming his homily in Shell Lake. Perhaps it was because we sat in front, or the spittle he projected, or maybe it was a special Grandma Smith memory. No matter what, this memory pops up whenever I’m developing goals. Identifying a goal is often as difficult as achieving it. Today I named it: a Fiat Cinquecento! Next, I must claim it, hmmm, maybe I could make a “Jill flag,” go to a dealership, and declare the Fiat 500 “discovered?” Hey, it worked for this guy.

*Dear reader, the link function is directly related to the browser I use when I write my blog posts. I apologize for the inconvenience, but from time to time, links will be presented in the old-fashioned manner of all the ps and qs listed right in the text. I hope to have regular access to a modern browser soon.*


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Viva Sicilia!


  1. Visited the Lido Azzuro (Blue Beach) on the final day of indoctrination.
  2. Swam in the Ionian Sea, under the apathetic watch of Mt. Etna.
  3. Watched crime shows in Italian language on television.
  4. Practiced Italian with Dave.
  5. Saw my first Fiat Cinquecento in person! (Photo below. 1st CC sighting of this trip. I got to ride in a CC when I was here in 2005 with my dear friend Ashley).

Today was the final day of Indoctrination. With no ceremony, we parted ways from each other; some of us are new friends, others we shan’t see much more, and a small few are still nameless faces in the crowd. We have been released into the military community at large, as well as the foreigner-savvy Sicilian populace. Sicilians are so accustomed to foreigners that they simply wait for the invading group to assimilate to Sicilian life. Greeks, Romans, Normans, Moors, French, Spanish and Italian have all made their mark on Sicily, and Sicilians just nodded and kept working, eating, and living.

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