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Mt. Etna Eruption News Coverage

We made MSNBC!

Apparently, Mt. Etna has erupted SEVEN times this year. That’s in addition to the handful of times she blew in 2011…and we’re lucky enough to be here to see it.

Click here for a beautiful view of the hot lava spewing forth from the earth.

The morning after the eruption MSNBC reported on, I was wandering out of the bedroom in my early morning haze. The sound of Maki meowing leads me to his location, and our ritual includes a quick morning snuggle as I gaze out at the world. That morning, the sun was just coming up behind the house, from the Ionian Sea. Rays of light were illuminating the mountain, making it look like it was glowing. Immediately, I could see the lava flow emitting a glow of its own as it settled into the business of burning down to black ash and dust.

Luckily the winds carried the ash away from our terrace, though we haven’t always been so lucky…(ah, I love a split infinitive at the end of a long day).



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Seven Devils

I am in lurve with Florence and the Machine‘s Ceremonials album, so I see song titles and lyrics everywhere!

“Seven Devils” seems appropriate for this beautiful photo, courtesy of Teresa C at my office. She lives further north of the mountain than I do, much closer to it, and she has a significantly better camera than I. I just love the spreading fingers of lava and the shades of purple in the sky.

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(Uno) 1. Mt. Etna erupts! Just as I was about to exit the autostrada, Dave yelled out “Holy shit! That was AWESOME!” As I searched for a truck bearing down on me, a Fiat Cinquecento entering my lane, or at least a dog on the road, he finished with “I just saw Mt. Etna erupt!”

(Due) 2. It’s pretty easy blogging on a day when the volcano is erupting. If you want to feel like you are here, check out the ETNA WEBCAM. Our view is similar to Cam 5 view.

(Tre) 3. Private Benjamin. A classic! Best line: “If Patton were alive, he would slap your face!”

(Quattro) 4. Awesome, awesome run this afternoon. I started with a so-so attitude, set my goal and just went after it. Five miles later, I was grinning my way into my cool down. I love it when perseverance dominates apathy!

(Cinque) 5. Cloud cookies. More on these delectable cookies soon – they have a slightly crunchy cookie edge with a doughy-moist inside that melts in your mouth. It really is like biting into a cloud (yes, I AM a cloud biting expert). Pistacchio e arance (pistachio and orange) flavored!


Striving to find a beat to step to, I start finding fault in those around me. Nobody makes sense and everyone is an idiot today. I take a breath, trying to let it out as a laugh, and the world seems to stop. The air around me is dead, I cannot smell, and even the buzzing of electronics disappears, I suck all the light into my body and it is dark. Thumpthump. Thumpthump. Thumpthump. Whoosh! Without warning, all my senses are empowered and the world resumes as if someone hit the fast forward button. My head and my heart functioned more in tune, stress released, compassion returned. Amen/allelujah/namaste/whatever-you-say.


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Mt. Etna Erupts! (II)



Mt. Etna produced a beautiful display in the early morning, and the steam and ash cloud that rose up caught the morning sun before carrying the ash south and away from our neighborhood. The south-southwest side of the mountain is now covered in the black ash, covering -and probably melting- all of that slope’s snow. The ash carried as far as Sigonella, about 40 miles away. For hours this morning, we could step outside and get black snow in our hair, on our clothes and wedged into the soles of our shoes, but could not see it against the bright blue sky. Grazie, Etna.

Cinque – Eruption in five photos. The first two photos are courtesy of my colleague, Gene R and were taken in Trecastagni around 0530-0600. The next two were taken from our main level balcony between 0645 and 0700. The final photo was from the roof terrace at 0710. Enjoy.

Early morning splash of lava alongside the gently lit church.

The eruption lasted for several hours and the lava comes in brilliant bursts of red and orange.

From our vantage point, we could see several intermediate eruptions blasting into the air above Etna. Look for the bright orange right at the base of the steam cloud tower.

As the eruptions died down, the pretty oranges and reds began appearing in the steam and ash cloud as the sun rose over the sea behind our home.

The sun came full up and emphasized the ash-steam divide in the rising cloud. Shadows and light played in the thick puffs of condensation, dust and ash as the winds started pulling misty swirls of the cloud out against the moody blue sky.


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