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All the leaves are brown…

…and the sky is gray (and the sky is gray)
I went for a walk (I went for a walk)
On a winter’s day…

Are you singing along with me yet? This afternoon, I randomly bought a cd. Wait a second, let this visual wash over you. That’s right, I didn’t click “Buy” on itunes or Amazon, I bought a physical compact disc. You know the ones, with the shiny backside you were only supposed to clean by rubbing a soft cloth away from the center!

As of late, I have been training up a bit in my running, and paying closer attention to my eating habits. That’s not to say I didn’t totally have chips and salsa for dinner the other night, cuz I did. Rather, I am paying attention to when I eat and why. Oftentimes, when I run errands in the evening, I end up buying a “treat.” I need the treat because I basically hate to run errands and will be employing someone to do the majority of errand-running for me just as soon as I can afford that never.

Being the moderation seeking eater that I strive to be, I often “treat” myself to a small bag of chips, gummy candies, a soda, or the like – nothing too extreme. Yet, as bathing suit season pulls into view on the horizon, I am feeling the urge to cut back a little bit. Okay, I am definitely picking up on the positive eating vibes a colleague is putting out in the office, too. (Yay – bonus for working in a cool office – !!! – always looking for work’s silver linings…).

In my quest to continue to take care of my personal needs by continuing to run errands, I have been trying to achieve a new habit of not buying “treats” and for the most part I have been successful. However, on a day like today, the only way for me to continue this new trend was going to be buying a substitute “treat.”

The qualities of today that made me crave a personal treat was that: (1) I left work an hour early, (2) it was a beautiful sunny day, (3) the kind of sunny day just screaming “why don’t you go home and enjoy an adult beverage on the terrace???” (4) yet, I had committed to not drinking due to the Base-to-Base run tomorrow (it’s here!!!), and (5) I knew the chances of me breaking my drinking commitment were high if I didn’t have some sort of distraction.

With all of these thoughts in mind, I embarked on my errand of dropping off my dry cleaning. On base, the dry cleaner is also the tailor in the uniform shop, which is in the Navy Exchange, which is also a mini-mart with an eclectic eccentric cd section (6-7 different Pink Floyd cds next to Christian sermons on cd). After making my dry cleaning arrangements, I rounded the corner to see the yummy groceries and beer cooler (less yummy, but still, it was a warm sunny afternoon…). I kept rotating my gaze until it fell on the cd aisle. A few moments and $7 later, I walked out the proud owner of The Mamas and the Papas.

Just listen to this jam and you will know that this “treat” will be pleasing me much longer than any salty snack or sudsy beer possibly could!

Buon weekend!


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