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A twelve mile run in Six.

After a 1.25 mile climb; the big pay-off.

I am not the only living creature seeking the sun that morning.

“F.lli Scalzo” are the Scalzo Brothers – reminds me of my great-aunt and great-uncle Scalzo!

This view does absolutely zero justice to the climb I endured, it felt like a 45 degree angle. To my dearly departed (from Sicily) friend Sara – I blame YOU for my recent affinity for making such climbs!

An unusual and simply gorgeous blossom; I ran by this twice, both times I simply melted at the beauty of them.

Post-run bounty! As I came in the gate, my elderly neighbor emerged from the gardens alongside our area. We have developed a Saturday ritual! He is always offering me fruits and vegetables, but we’ve had some communication issues. This day, I asked “Cuando?!” (When?). He replied, “Adesso!” (Now!) – Thus, I ended up with a shirtfull of glorious pomodori (tomatoes). It doesn’t get more local than this!


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