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Cheerful Cherries, Green Beans and Quinoa

After a lovely Sicilian day of a hot morning run, a long day’s work, and a pleasant commute home with my hilarious husband, I turned to the refrigerator and said,


The fridge just sat there humming.

I assumed the Charlie Brown defeat pose and pulled open the refrigerator door.  

I reached in and withdrew a bag of fresh green beans and ripe cherries. Dave had purchased them on Friday for a new salad recipe I had planned to try out over the weekend.  It was now time to use the fresh ingredients before they started to turn bad.

When the produce deterioration has progressed to the point where I cannot eat the product fresh, I will brainstorm how to salvage the edible parts and cook them into a casserole, soup, or a fruity dessert. Thanks, Mom!

Inevitably, there are times when I have miscalculated or failed to keep track of certain fruits and veggies.  At that point, I usually feel deep shame and regret when I eventually toss out the fruits and veggies. No thanks, universe!

Since I am a person who is strongly shame-and-regret averse, I work hard to use the fresh fruits and veggies we have before they become inedible. Thanks, me!

These rituals and procedures are at the forefront of my mind lately, because my friend Millie has adopted a whole foods approach to her eating lifestyle. She eats quite healthy most of the time, but has been talking about cutting out processed foods and food products in an aim to eat even healthier. This immediately got me thinking of my blogger friend Sara, who recalls her disgust at eating steaks with fake grill marks as impetus for her eating lifestyle change. Sara’s change led, in part, to her delightful blog, Real Fun Food.

Sara posted her recipe for Cherry Balsamic Bean Salad, which inspired my dinner tonight. However, I failed to read the entire recipe, failed to buy all the ingredients, and failed to prep beans for the salad. I succeeded in following Sara’s inspiration, I succeeded in salvaging my beans and cherries, and I succeeded in making a delicious dinner from whole foods (mostly), with enough left for lunch tomorrow. WINNING!

I followed Sara’s ratio, substituted quinoa for mixed beans, green beans for snap peas, and the pièce de résistance…I added some V8 Berry Splash for the cherry jelly! That was my inner Lucy guiding my Charlie-Brown-defeated self to dinner victory.

Buona cena!

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