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Staying Home, Sick.


Since I am taking a rare sick day at home today, I thought I’d post about the important comforts you can enjoy at home that would be frowned upon at work.

(Uno) 1. Smearing a thick glob of mentholated ointment across your chest.

(Due) 2. (Warning: GROSS ahead) Hacking up thick globs of mucus as your mentholated ointment loosens it up.

(Tre) 3. Sitting out on the terrace wrapped up in hat and scarf and soaking up the sunshine.

(Quattro) 4. Taking a power nap any time I feel like it.

(Cinque) 5. Making a campchair playground for the cats, and watching them alternately play-attack and rest in the playground.

Panther sniffs around the new territory.

Maki prepares to make his attack! Er…uh, I guess he’s sniffing, too. Don’t worry, he made plenty of attacks from that location.

The sunny weather lured me outside, where it was approximately 57 degrees Fahrenheit (thanks weather.com! – search “Acireale, Italy”). The sun held out from about 10a-1p and so did I and the cats. To keep warm, I got up and moved around every 15-30 minutes, and a couple pots of hot tea helped.

Around 12:30, clouds were pretty consistently covering up the sun, and I looked for an upcoming cloud break (we called them sun-breaks in Seattle). There were clouds as far as the eye (my eye) could see coming in from the Ionian Sea and rolling across the sun and all the way up Mt. Etna. Actually, by this time, the clouds had completely obscured the lovely Mt. Etna I had gazed upon earlier in the morning.

As the clouds built up and settled into a thick dense mass of gray, Mt. Etna started to rumble and roar. I watched for signs of the eruption I suspected I was hearing, but either the clouds obscured my view or the daylight prevented it.

I had just gotten myself and the kitties re-settled inside the house when a heavy mixture of ash and rain started tinkling the rooftop and terrace. Perfect timing.

All the terrace playground activity produced two tuckered out kitties – how adorable!


Dear Reader,

It is my sincere intention to amuse you, expand your knowledge about Sicily, Sigonella, & living abroad, and to inspire you to comment (and to update Mom!).

If I never offend you, that is good.

However, what I am about to say may rub some of you the wrong way…

[wait for it]


[are you waiting?]


[Holding your breath?]


[If you’re counting, these brackets aren’t in the 100]


[Did you just skip ahead anyway? What’s the fun in that?]


[okay, thanks for waiting, here’s the rub…]

…I LOVE my Thighs. Yep. They are strong and toned (a little more flab in my 30s) – and they carry me on all the activities that I love: running, yoga, walking, hiking, they are great!

Jill W – The Cinquecento Project

p.s. Is there a body part you love, even if it isn’t model-perfect?


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