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Mm is tasty.

Or it might be better said it makes you go “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm”

Mm or Mm! is the name of a favorite seafood restaurant in the center of Catania.

Today, I’m going to defer to the story-telling prowess of my friend Nick.

Click this link to check out his description of Mm at his blog, Sicily Ciao.

Buon appetito!



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Warm Winter Afternoon

…though not as poetic as “warm summer afternoon,” the warm winter afternoons are gratifying in Sicily. As much of a winter and snow aficionado as I am, I do appreciate the temperate Sicilian winter thus far. I have maximized my opportunities for spending time outdoors mostly through our roof terrace, though I have also had a few occasions to partake in a sidewalk cafe on a particularly sunny day. Recently, Dave and I met up with my brother Jim while he was staying in Siracusa. We all meandered over the bridge into Ortigia and enjoyed cannoli and caffe. Buon appetito!


Uno (1). Buon Appetito! Time for yumminess.

Due (2). Hello, brother.

Tre (3). Hmmmm…ancient ruins amidst modern cafe.

Quattro (4). Helpful tools in a friendly paper bag!

Cinque (5). Is it just me or is this sky incredibly brilliantly blue?


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