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Speaking of bellwethers…



Did you notice the bellwether reference in yesterday’s post? Either way, I am writing of bellwethers today. I knew “bellwether” as an indicator of a rising trend. “Bellwether” began as a “wether” (lead male sheep), sporting a bell (not by choice, the damn shepherd put it on him). While the goats being shepherded around Sigonella are not sheep, the lead male is still a bellwether, are ya with me? Great. The gentle ding-dong of the bell inevitably brings a smile to my face and the accompanying shepherds return my smiles, which makes goat crossings a welcome delay to my commute.



December (The base housing at Marinai shows in the background)



(Uno) 1. The article sharing continues (gathered from Word Press’s “Freshly Pressed” collection):
11 Things I’ve Learned Since Becoming A Special Needs Parent,
Iraq: What I remember (Excellent read & photos!), and
Five Ways to Find Your Future.


(Due) 2. Coconut oil! Our neighbor Warren recommended coconut oil for cooking and I am interested in trying it out. I found this Runners World forum with comments. Have any of you cooked with coconut oil? Any recommendations or comments?


(Tre) 3. Skype. Got the chance to bring six family members together on four computers across three continents for two hours of conversation.


(Quattro) 4. Making the final payment on an outstanding bill! After a few years of interest free payments, we made the final payment on our furniture. Yippee. “All these little victories…”


(Cinque) 5. Kitty cats! This picture of Maki might help the doubters out there understand just why I would do anything for this guy (like midnight surgery in December 2010). Personality + fluffy goodness +  Hammer pants =  so much love.


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