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Whoa. This life is a wild ride if you pay attention to the little details. Don’t sweat the small stuff, and all, but don’t forget it either, I say! Just wait to see what a beautiful pattern those small details create in your life – be patient for them, and don’t overthink it (right, Jonathan?).

There are so many themes that tie in with the idea for this post that it could become a major theme, but I am not going to overthink it and will keep the stream of consciousness light tonight.

First of all, the beautiful Manu Chao song, “Clandestino”

The song is essentially about noticing how many people around you are illegals (clandestino), yet they are of sufficient mass that they support the culture and economy of nearly all modern industrialized nations; the U.S. and Europe alike.

Then, the article about the Romania immigrants sold to or enslaved by Italian (European, American, Imperialist, etc) people; in particular, this article discussed how these people are forced into panhandling. This type of panhandling is likened to (though not outright compared to) the umbrella girls – poor, disenfranchised people, brought to a foreign country without language, people or resources, forced into some sort of body labor (prostitution v. panhandling) and left without money or independence at the day’s end.

Finally, Clandestino banana products. The cover design, product design, and results are exquisite. Beautiful product! I hesitated at first due to my on-again-off-again hatred of banana texture and flavor, mitigated by the ubiquity, utility and nutritional quality of bananas. Yet, when I tasted the Clandestino bar, I was pleasantly surprised! (As was this blogger who reviewed the product.) Finally a “power” bar that is mostly unprocessed, full of nutrition, and doesn’t leave that gross-fake-chocolate taste in your mouth.

No matter the quality of the banana bar, I couldn’t help hearing the haunting sounds of Manu Chao’s song, nor the images of my favorite pan-handler (one-legged-Andy), and the many, many umbrella girls I see nearly daily. The power of words, and particularly of names, is immense.

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