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Ayran. Don’t be fooled, this is buttermilk.

After reading in preparation for my trip to Istanbul, Turkey, I felt ready to try some new foods.

One new food was going to be a tangy yogurt like drink that one guide and culture book raved about, citing it as a “must” try food. This dairy drink is named “Ayran.”.

You say it “ahy-rawn.”

I was pleased to find it on the menu and also managed to pronounce it well enough to order it without finger pointing and gesturing – which were fairly common on this trip.

I anticipated a thick creamy drink in a tall glass.

Instead, this plastic cup with aluminum peel-back cover arrived.


Oh yea, and the straw. Don’t forget about the straw.


I opened the lid to reveal a very liquidy yogurt substance, that I should have shaken. D’oh!

I stirred fast and furious and the smell wafting up to my nose was tangy. Tangier still than the tangiest yogurt. Did I mention the straw and the liquidiness?

I leaned in, took the straw in my mouth and sucked up…straight and pure buttermilk.

And then I washed my mouth with my ├žay and desired Ayran no more.

Incidentally, I began to notice that every corner kiosk sells Aryan, that many many Turkish children gleefully plead for and enjoy sucking on an Ayran, it’s everywhere in Istanbul!

Somehow, I was still sated by my single sip.


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