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“The Evolution of the Human Head,” and Homer (not Simpson).


  1. Science Tuesdays in the nytimes.com (especially this article about “The Evolution of the Human Head” by Daniel Lieberman (gift idea for anyone who’s interested; and amazon ships to FPO AE addresses)).
  2. Remembered latent memories of my dear friend Lester’s comments about how her iphone changed her life (for the better) – they convinced me to get my iphone and I’m LOVING it. Thanks, Lester!
  3. Mastered more functions on my iphone, and actually felt my position shift on the technological spectrum.
  4. I love the Sigonella library, it delivered the book “La Bella Lingua” by Dianne Hales into my eager hands.
  5. Used my new yoga mat; I have one coming in our household goods shipment, but I couldn’t wait and bought a new one this weekend. You can always use an extra yoga mat, especially when Bryan Kest is in the house. Power Yoga, holla! (Here’s a great blogpost about a BK training session this summer.)

To my U.S. sense of national history (200+ years), the historical culture in Italy is intoxicating (eons). Sicily has myriad historical reminders: ruins, landmarks, buildings and infrastructure that are hundreds of years old (and still in use!). One such landmark is part of Homer’s stories in The Odyssey (Homer was an epic poet). The Cyclops, Polyphemus (“Polifemo”), threw rocks at the departing ship of Odysseus (protagonist) as he fled modern-day Aci Trezza. Whereas I grew up learning stories of Lewis andClark (supercool, don’t get me wrong), Sicilian children grew up learning stories of Odysseus. That realization rocked my world.

*If you’re interested in Homer’s stories, check out a neat-o website that tells the stories: iliadodyssey.com.

The Cyclops Island and the three rocks he threw at Odysseus, in Aci Trezza.


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Summer camp is over.


  1. Seeing not only 1, but 2 beautiful homes where we’d be quite happy living. One in Acitrezza, the other in Acireale. *hint* If you want to look at an Italian website, go to the Google homepage, at the upper left hand corner click on the “More” tab and select “Translate.” A new page will open and you need to cut and paste the URL of the webpage in Italian that you want to translate.
  2. Semi-communicating with the Italian landlord (with the help of the English-language speaking real estate agent).
  3. Watched “Conviction.” (Official site here)(Hilary Swank, Sam Rockwell, Minnie Driver, et al.) Great true story basis; adept tear-jerker adaptation, I cried.
  4. Made a yummy dinner with the last of the fruits and veggies we got at the Catania markets on Wednesday (and some leftovers in the fridge): leeks, tomatoes, onions, garlic, mushrooms; and finished with ricotta salata.
  5. Got my new phone!!! It is an iphone – my first smartphone!

Lately, I feel like I am at summer camp. What with the heat, humidity, and planned activities; not to mention I’m tan! Even using the locker rooms at the gym contributed to the camp feeling. Now, orientation is over and we’re looking at housing and planning to purchase a car; reality snuck up on me. Bills are rolling in, the cats need new supplies, and I have a considerable to-do list. Overall, I am grateful for the people I have met, for the wonderful man Dave is, and for the opportunity to be here and live in Sicilia with him.

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