Mm is tasty.

Or it might be better said it makes you go “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm”

Mm or Mm! is the name of a favorite seafood restaurant in the center of Catania.

Today, I’m going to defer to the story-telling prowess of my friend Nick.

Click this link to check out his description of Mm at his blog, Sicily Ciao.

Buon appetito!


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5 responses to “Mm is tasty.

  1. Sue

    I never realized that your Dad was a talented jug handler…..too fun! :):) Don’t think I could do the raw seafood….but the fried looks LOVELY! :):)

    • Lucky for you, the octopus is boiled – so it isn’t raw! I kept an open mind when I first tried it (I was doubtful)…and now it’s one of my favorites! The head is the best part – eek – that sounds so awful, lol.

      Yes – Dad is full of surprises – I love it!

  2. Anonymous

    Mm!! was very good. The calamari was the best I have had. Also enjoyed some of the other fish. Had a good time with Jill, Dave and friends.

  3. Wish we could make a reservation for the 6 of us tonight at this place!

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