Papa Francesco: First Latin American Pope in the History of the Church!

Pope Francis!

The Cardinal formerly known as Jorge Mario Bergoglio is now Pope Francis. As I typed, Wikipedia literally updated his entry from Jorge Mario Bergoglio to Pope Francis.

Popes choose their names to represent the leadership they will bring. Pope Francesco is hopefully going to follow the tenets of San Francesco d’Assisi. I don’t know all of them, but his history is one of an open mind, a strong appreciation for all of the creatures of this world – human and non-human, and disregard for the trappings of wealth.

In other news, hearing “Hail Mary” or “Ave Maria” in Italian is the most beautiful version of the prayer I’ve heard in my short lifetime. “Ave Maria…piene di grazia…”

I tried to get a photo from tonight’s events, but haven’t seen anything pop up online yet. For now, here is a photo of the cheerful man who just greeted St. Peter’s Square as the new pope. Papa Francesco!

papa francesco

Benvenuto Papa Francesco!


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4 responses to “Papa Francesco: First Latin American Pope in the History of the Church!

  1. mms

    Although I no longer have any skin in the game, I am glad for the Church they chose a man of the people and a Jesuit. Hopefully he will live up to his namesake. I gained a much better understanding of St. Francis after visiting Assisi. It’s great you are in Italy while all of this is going down. I read that Pope Francis received the second most votes at the time Benedict (I call him Ratfinger) was elected in 2005. They seem like opposites. We shall see.

    • I read the same and had the same thought – hopefully Pope Francis will have a more compassionate leadership style than the recent Pope Benedict (I call him Joey Ratz ;). The man who fills the role of Pope is the spiritual leader for a lot of people around the world and certainly has influence in many areas – hoping for a good one this time – maybe even some transformative decisions after a few years of settling in.

  2. mms

    Thanks for the pink smoke picture. I loved it.

  3. Congratulazioni Papa Francesco per essere stato eletto Papa. Che Dio ti benedica.

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