Wiggle wiggle pinky toe!

Wiggle wiggle pinky toe!.

This Freshly Pressed blogger has an inspiration sure to melt even the coldest, most cynical hearts. Check out his blog post about the power of wiggling his pinky toe.

I’m considering a new mantra. “I am worthy” was a recent mantra and it was great. But just like saying “chiming” over and over again eventually makes me think I am saying gobbledeegook, using the same mantra loses its power after a time. “Wiggle wiggle pinky toe!” might be just the ticket to get my off the couch and moving toward my goals in 2013.


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2 responses to “Wiggle wiggle pinky toe!

  1. I read this when you posted it but I hate leaving comments when I read on my phone. I went through that guy’s whole site!! Thank you for sharing it. I don’t see FP anymore, and I miss it!

    • Isn’t he amazing!? Hope I never have to face something like that, but what an inspiration. I can only imagine how frustrating, difficult and hopefully rewarding the work he does with the acupuncturist is. It sounds fascinating. I sound voyeuristic here, ack – just putting the energy out there for this guy, to buoy him along if his ever dips.

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