A Night at the Bellini Opera House

I recently spent an evening enjoying a symphony performance at the Bellini Opera House in Catania.


Every seat is a good seat here, we had the best view of the ceiling from our vantage point.


Pretty chandelier.


The piazza outside the old building was a bit bare when we went in at 9pm and more abuzz two hours and change later. It was shaping up to be a busy Friday night in downtown Catania. Moments like these are friendly reminders of the universal desire for beauty and community through the shared experience of music. And, of course, the community of the passersby on the street – off on errands, to make appointments and meet friends and lovers.


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4 responses to “A Night at the Bellini Opera House

  1. I’ve been to places like that in London and a lot of times I can’t even focus on the performance because I’m too busy staring at the ceiling, and pretty much everything else in the building!! How are you supposed to pay attention when it’s so beautiful!

    • Yes! I was really mesmerized by the sculpture relief along the wall behind the symphony stage, and up higher, the white stone thing in the background. I only had my iphone (which means no zoom b/c it sucks), so I didn’t even attempt to photograph it.

      My favorite events are those that are so captivating I’m drawn into the music or story or dance, and then during the intermissions my emotions are all high and the beauty of the location just carries me away even more.

      This was a fun night, but the symphony wasn’t inspiring. We’re trying for a Russian ballet at the same venue in February…fingers crossed!

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