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Wiggle wiggle pinky toe!

Wiggle wiggle pinky toe!.

This Freshly Pressed blogger has an inspiration sure to melt even the coldest, most cynical hearts. Check out his blog post about the power of wiggling his pinky toe.

I’m considering a new mantra. “I am worthy” was a recent mantra and it was great. But just like saying “chiming” over and over again eventually makes me think I am saying gobbledeegook, using the same mantra loses its power after a time. “Wiggle wiggle pinky toe!” might be just the ticket to get my off the couch and moving toward my goals in 2013.


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Siracusa & Ortygia

In early November, my cousin Maddie and her friend Lindsay visited us in Sicily. I took advantage of the opportunity to revisit ruins in Siracusa and to circumnavigate Ortygia. We had a gorgeous and sunny afternoon, tempered by a roaring wind that ushered in evening on Ortygia.

The view of limestone cliffs from the archaeological site on the northwest side of Siracusa.

Ruins of a Roman ampitheater are behind us.

Entering the Orecchio di Dionysius – the “ear” of Dionysius. Named for the Greek tyrant Dionysius who ruled Siracusa for a time. Apparently, he was a nasty ruler.

Lindsay and Maddie

The view atop the Greek theater at the same Siracusa archaeological site. Breathtaking! This theater is still used for special events, such as the Greek Theater Festival running from mid-May to the end of June. I hope to get to a performance this year!

The 2013 season, the 49th Cycle of Classical Plays, runs from 11th May – 23th June and will feature the following plays:

– Oedipus by Sophocles

– Antigone by Sophocles

– Assemblywomen by Aristophanes

A kayak water polo match in the canal between Siracusa and Ortygia

Ortygia by dusk

Ortygia, November 2012

The proximity of this Sicilian gem means I will get to revisit these sites time and again. Will you be joining me next time?


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A Night at the Bellini Opera House

I recently spent an evening enjoying a symphony performance at the Bellini Opera House in Catania.


Every seat is a good seat here, we had the best view of the ceiling from our vantage point.


Pretty chandelier.


The piazza outside the old building was a bit bare when we went in at 9pm and more abuzz two hours and change later. It was shaping up to be a busy Friday night in downtown Catania. Moments like these are friendly reminders of the universal desire for beauty and community through the shared experience of music. And, of course, the community of the passersby on the street – off on errands, to make appointments and meet friends and lovers.


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