Thankful for Brugge

The thankful feelings I grow at Thanksgiving time are meant to inspire thankfulness throughout the year. I often approach my problems or worries by searching for the silver lining (actual happy moment in the fray), or seeking out my red ribbon (the way the calamity is interwoven in my life and will become a part of who I am), or at least a lesson I can learn. That is how I bring grace to my life.

With such an approach, it is pleasantly simple to return home from a trip full of quaint anecdotes and cheerful memories. After spending my Thanksgiving holiday in Brugge, Belgium (Bruges to English speakers), I can safely say that my grace saving techniques went unused. Even a grumpy mc-grumperson couldn’t help but be charmed by Brugge.


Scenic canals like this run along the edges of the center and twist into back alleys where adorable boutique hotels with secluded dining rooms await you. Romance is lurking in every tidy storefront, cafe, and apartment facade adorned with charming window box arrangements.


Our favorite cafe was Cafè Rose Red. Dave found it on Trip Advisor and the reviews were spot on. Friendly service, 150 beer selection, great crowd, and bewitching setting, especially after a few swigs of a strong Belgian brew.

Cafè Red Rose
Belgium 2012



And, I didn’t even get photos of the amazing chocolates or ubiquitous mussels and frites and baked goat cheese and honey salads.

Merci beaucoup, Brugge!



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6 responses to “Thankful for Brugge

  1. Karrie Baas

    Hi Jill,
    I love your posts!!! Have a wonderful Holiday Season. Love, Karrie

  2. I love love love Brugge. I read this but realized I didn’t comment on it. I’ve been a few times and you’re totally right about it. What travel plans do you have for 2013?

  3. That beer looks awesome! Whats the best way to get there from the island? Grazie!

    • We flew to Brussels and took the train to Brugge – super easy, about an hour long ride. Then, we rented an apartment about a 5-minute walk from the city center, through airbnb. Let me know if you want the specific name and Dave can get it from his airbnb archive. Very affordable and convenient. The city is really walkable, which is great when you’re drinking beer!

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