Pizza Norma



Tomato sauce, eggplant, olive oil – all baked in a wood-fired oven, then topped with freshly grated ricotta salata (salty).

Direct from our neighborhood pizzeria -Via Va!



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6 responses to “Pizza Norma

  1. Did you ever think of eggplant back in the States? The Sicilians are definitely obsessed and they have influenced me. I feel like we are going to be the crazy eggplant people when we go back to the States. btw. I put a link to your site up on my site… prepare for literally 10s of people flowing your way every year. 🙂

    • LOL – 10s of people. i’m adding you to my blogroll now if I hadn’t done it previously, i have put off those tinkering tasks until FY13 and as of Monday, it will have arrived!!!

      I love eggplant, it is so diverse! stir fry ready, creamy when baked, crispy edges pan-fried and thin, grilled is divine, the perfect flavor combo with the tomato and basil, even onion and pepper, mmmmm…and I just got done eating seafood… i had never had it with ricotta salata before coming to Sicilia, that is the piece de la resistance…er, or however you’d say that in Sicilian or Italian 🙂

  2. Sharon

    Looks good. Is that the same place as the calzones?

  3. miss pizza. miss melanze. i have had american pizza a few times and i’ve had to tell myself that it’s not real pizza….it exists only in Sicila and in Napoli…yum.

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