Start with the life you have

After several days of having an artist in residence and mild sleep deprivation, my mind is swirling with ideas fantastic and elastic. Moments after imagining a non-profit to service career-minded military spouses, I imagine that the same group could offer divorce counseling, since so many military couples end up getting divorced. Fantastic and elastic.

The power of dreaming is alluring and intoxicating. I see this power operate in the mind-suck of video games, novels, handi-work projects (think automobile repair or woodwork), really at any activity where your mind is forced to work just hard enough to block out the outside world, but you are still functioning on some mechanical level. Yes, reading a novel just barely qualifies in this category, but you are still holding your head upright and turning pages, so lots of senses other than imagination are regularly engaged (touch of the paper, sound of page turning (or finger stroke on e-reader), blinking, etc).

Unlike other alluring and intoxicating activities like sex and drinking, dreaming is relatively harmless and likewise relatively unrewarding, unless you turn the power of those dreams into action that affects your reality. This is a sticky point for many, and definitely a mental block for me in many areas.

The one common trend I am focusing on recently is to start with the life I have. Always. When I start daydreaming away my reality – unpalatable aspect of my job, cleaning up cat hair, not having enough time to do everything, wanting to sleep in, etc., I remind myself of several things. First, I arrived at this point where reality is through my own choices. Second, that faced with the same environment, resource limitations, and other factors, unless I make a different choice, I will be dealing with the same reality. Third, therefore the power is within me to transcend this reality for another.

Yet, it is obvious that I have attempted to make wise decisions in the past. I didn’t choose willy nilly and end up here, I made conscious choices that I thought would lead to contentment at the very least, and happiness in the hopeful. So, where does that leave me? At the starting point of my reality, the life I have. The life I have is pretty darn great, but I can also see another life with a few changes around the corner. I am not sure what the road does between here and the corner, but I am curious to find out. Where will I take myself? What power do I have within me?



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7 responses to “Start with the life you have

  1. Karrie Baas

    I always find being in the now, which is a challenge, to be most freeing for both body and mind.

    XXO Karrie

    • Right on! You’ve always been such an inspiration to me to keep my mind open to what the moment has to offer, as well as the idea that I might not know everything about myself that I think I know. From the first conversations I remember with you in Shell Lake to now, those aspects are consistent. Love you Karrie!

  2. Spiritual World Traveler

    Enjoy where life takes you!!

  3. Lisa Marie

    Jill, your title is the PERFECT mantra for me right now – we have what we have, and that is where we must start, and move from there. I like what you wrote about, but the title struck me immediately – you may even make my whiteboard at school where I write a quote from someone daily for my students to ponder (or at least maybe read). As with all our ongoing conversations, GRAZIE! 🙂

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