Uncle Bill Homage

Meet Uncle Bill

He has a big heart, a silly soul, and an infectious laugh.

Uncle Bill likes to convince friends and family to join him on adventures in Mexico. For several years, I accompanied him to his timeshare. It was a special way to spend time together near the water. My sister Jenni and I are pictured here with Bill. Along with my brother and cousins, we all grew up swimming and boating together, and Uncle Bill was at the heart of it all. I will always think of water when I think of Uncle Bill.

Shortly after my first trip to Italia in 2005, I was in Mexico with Bill when I met this sassy lady, Sue. She was one of the first to subscribe to the blog, and any thought of her brings a smile to my face.

Here, Bill is wheeling Sue’s husband Scott around on a dolly. Silly souls unite! Scott and Sue really get the compassionate aspect of our family vibe, and they are down-to-earth, easy-going, and ultimately non-judgmental; with qualities like that, you’d be shocked at how outrageously funny they also are.

Apart from the countless lake memories, the Mexico memories, the oodles of Bill’s friends memories, and such, I can easily rattle off connection points – The Golden Girls, struggling to make sense of Catholic dogma and practice (Bill is still fighting that good fight), politics, human rights, and more!

As Dave and I prepared the house for Bill’s visit, our family stories were up for discussion. Bill is one of twelve aunts and uncles I have, not counting spouses (that puts it around 22 aunts and uncles). Dave has one aunt.

Hence our varying approach to family issues, at times.

I grew up listening to the cacophony that comes from such a family, especially one who is relatively tight knit on both my mother’s and my father’s side. Happily, I have medium to strong adult relationships with many of my aunts and uncles. They are the village that raised me and that continues to influence me.

No matter the influence of individual aunts and uncles; I can say that no other aunt or uncle has ever crafted a personal theme song; only Uncle Bill did that. An avid sports fan, Uncle Bill made sure we knew the Minnesota Twins’ fight song. While Grandma Smith was busy encouraging us to learn “On Wisconsin!” Bill was whispering baseball ditties in the other ear.

Once we learned the Twins’ fight song, Bill began adapting the lyrics…

Minnesota Twins’ fight song 
Sing along to that tune:
Oh how I love you
Favorite Uncle Bill
Oh how I love you
Open up the till

Hit me with a ten-spot
Leave me in your will
Oh how I love you
Favorite Uncle Bill

Twins’ Fight Song
(We’re gonna win Twins)
(We’re gonna score)
(We’re gonna win Twins)
(Watch that baseball soar)

(Crack out a home run)
(Shout out hip-hooray!)
(Cheer for the Minnesota)
(Twins to-day)

Tonight, I pick Uncle Bill up from the airport – yippee!

Oh yea, and Go Twinkies! (Are they still in the running for the play-offs?)


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5 responses to “Uncle Bill Homage

  1. Sharon

    Great blog! I think of Bill when I am on the water and seeing people skiing and tubing. He really loved to be in the boat with you kids.

  2. Sue

    Oh…….I LOVE this entry! :):):) And I love you crazy Smith folk! 🙂 Did your crazy Uncle Bill tell you he invited us to come with him to Italy… but it just didn’t work! 😦 I can not think of ANYONE I would rather have “show” me Italy than you Jill!!! Have fun with favorite Uncle Bill! Sooooo jealous!

    • I know Sue – the world is just too big with too many demands…I am just SO GLAD that I managed to convince Bill to get over here. I’m beaming and so is he! xoxoxoxox Squeeze your family extra for me tonight!

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