Somewhere in My Memory…

I used to check out “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” from the library starting in July. Yep, as soon as I had my library card I was chasing down that special Christmastime feeling. On my drive home today, my “Shuffle” mix popped up a song from the Home Alone soundtrack, which I play all year long.

We had a big storm here yesterday, lightning, thunder, cold crisp winds, the whole shebang. After several months of hot sun shining brightly, temps in the 80s and 90s, and barely a sprinkle the two times it rained all summer, it was certainly a brusque reminder of the change of season that is nearly upon us. Here in Sicily, we get an extended summer through most of September, with autumn running deep into November and even early December.

Yet, yesterday’s storm and today’s Christmas-themed music were enough to trigger my longing for that thin layer of snow to crunch through each morning, and thick mittens and jackets, scraping the windshield (okay, I do not actually miss that…), the lovely winter memories that accompany Christmastime somewhere in my memory…



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2 responses to “Somewhere in My Memory…

  1. ME TOO! I love xmas stuff, all year. We should have an international Christmas day in September, like we did for running, except we’ll watch a holiday movie. haha!

    • I’m totally up for international Christmas day!!! Let’s discuss details…

      Also, my hubby has trial scheduled for the time of my marathon, so I might be going solo…so if you’d wanna do some of the shorter runs from afar as I come into the “taper” portion of training, let me know. In about two weeks, I will have some runs from 3-5 miles long. How are you doing? Cleared for takeoff anytime soon?

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