The “gives zero fucks” approach

Oh Jezebel!

When you tap, tap, tap it in the hole with your commentary, you’ve done well…

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And then, sometimes you have a hole-in-one that just slams home the message. This article accomplishes both. Erin Gloria Ryan taps the ball toward the hole, but the photo and catchphrase “gives zero fucks” is a hole-in-one, slam dunk, all out awesome-fest!

Also – Erin is a Wisconsin native!!!

Ms. Ryan’s opinion and Hillary Clinton’s approach just make so much sense – we are not defined by our appearances! Yes, good looks have been scientifically proven to make life easier; the same is true of being born in the U.S. or to a wealthy family or without a birth defect. Yet, all the time there is this constant yammering onandonandonandon about women’s looks. Waist-size, hip measurements, how big is the muffin top? So, I will go along with the reality that appearance affects image. However, the drive of today’s media to completely define people (women AND men) by appearance is enough to drive a person to seek out the solitude of a foreign country…

…like Ecuador (thought I was going Sicilian, didn’t you?).

I came to some serious realizations during the three months I spent living in Ecuador in 2003. Nobody really notices if you don’t shave your legs, armpits, crotchline – or wax any of those areas, or groom your facial hair, or even trim the hair on your head. If you’ve groaned, or expressed some gross-out factor, I just have to say – get over yourself. It is HAIR people! You want your beef, pork, and chicken to be “natural” so much that Big Food is tagging “Natural” on all of its food products – don’t be afraid of your own nature.

The guy you had lightning conversation with will still kiss you good-night no matter what. The funny girl will still try to make you laugh, and the smart chick will still debate ideas with you. The street vendor will still smile in return, even if your smile is your only attractive quality that day. The bus driver will actually slow down more quickly if you look a little run-down, and guys will talk to you like a real person if your facade isn’t so superficial. What I’m saying is that while I enjoy the costume design exercise we go through for the vibrant colors and self-expression, I am entirely OVER the use of appearance to control men and women, but especially women.

So, I’m joining the Jezebel-Hillary Clinton-GivesZeroFucks movement and continuing to go without make-up, continuing to shave when it suits me, continuing to give zero fucks how my appearance makes any statement on my ideas and actions! Come with me for this wild ride…


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