An unexpected Top Gun/Tony Scott Tribute: Running around an airfield is really really cool

Since 19 August, I have been thinking a lot about the movie Top Gun. News of Tony Scott’s suicide really bothered me and I kept thinking about the quotes I continue to use in my life from that movie:

Some of those that I say that are also super popular among fans:
…too close for missiles, Goose. I’m switching to guns.

I’ve gotta give you your dream shot.

You screw up just this much, you’ll be flying a cargo plane full of rubber dog shit outta Hong Kong!

“It’s classified. I could tell you but then I’d have to kill you.”

“You can be my wingman anytime.” “Bull shit, you can be mine.”

Then, of course, there are the numerous genitalia references:

Back and forth: “The list is long, but distinguished.” “Yeah, well, so is my johnson”

“this gives me a hard-on”

“Mother Goose, you pussy!”

Yea, that last one presented a REALLY uncomfortable moment with my mother that I still cannot forget…. I have to say that I learned quite a bit of my slang from this movie – thank you Tony Scott!

I was about to go on and list more memorable quotes that I’ve used to communicate with my siblings, to guide me through tough moments in life, and to simply amuse myself; but then I realized that I would pretty much be re-writing the script for you and there’s really no point to doing so.

Being too close for missiles, I’ll switch to guns (see what I did there?). Several mornings a week, my morning run takes me on a loop around the airfield. (NAS Sigonella is a Naval Air Station, after all). After a year here, I am still delighted when I get the opportunity to see planes take-off and land while I am out running around.

This morning, a plane landed nearly immediately overhead, it seemed to be coming down right on top of me! I watched as it banked sharply into its final approach. Then, it banked back. Now, it did not seem particularly windy, so I don’t know if the pilot was showing off for me or just maneuvering in the wind. I do know it was completely mesmerizing and inspiring!

As I was floating along, tippy-tapping my toes on the path, thinking what speed and energy I had, I starting feeling a warm rush of air swirling around me. I was running through it’s jet wash. Jet wash. Yep, now you see the connection to Top Gun. And, if you don’t, you should probably just go out and buy a copy of the movie. It’s worth it.

Thank you, Tony Scott. May you be resting peacefully or at least have found a moment of peace just before death if you aren’t resting anywhere.

*Tony Scott also directed another all-time favorite movie, True Romance. Watch it!


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