Ferragosto by the numbers

The Ferragosto holiday month, August, is the Italian time for ferie or vacanza. Everybody takes some time off in August and most people spend at least a day or two at the mare. That’s the sea.

As you can see from my photo above, Italy has some gorgeous seashore to dole out amongst its people. That was a photo from February in the Amalfi coast. Just imagine it in these hot summer months! The ubiquitous seashore is one of Italy’s biggest tourist attractions, historical strategic attractions, and Ferragosto attractions.

The shoreline is so grand that it is 7600 kilometers of Italy’s territory. That is about 4722 miles to you non-metric folk. For the roughly 60 million Italian citizens, that is about 12,766 people per mile, or about 2.4 people per foot. So, if everyone equally occupied the shoreline, it would be a little crowded.

However, imagining Italians sharing all the weekend days of Agosto (August), this leaves 1588 persons per mile, giving each person about 3.33 feet to themselves. Of course, this is taking it to the ridiculous, and after my rose I’m not even sure about the math anymore, but who really lines up hip-to-hip unless you’re rocking through the wilderness?

Italians line up in their lido chairs, and delight in the proximity they are accustomed to after squeezing so many people into such a desirable area for thousands of years. Everything here goes back thousands of years, without even trying. If you hit 10,000 years old, well, then, that is something special. This is quite the adjustment after living my life in the baby-fresh U.S.A.

Come to Italy to see the seashore, to revel in the antiquities, and to visit your favorite Jill. I’ll be here!


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