Two walls, a sparkling mountain lake, and a finish line

Several weeks ago, I began the long journey toward a slightly sadistic destination: the marathon. At first, I started adding longer mileage runs to my weekly routine in support of a great food, fitness, and lifestyle blogger, Sara. Then, as my schedule-philic self got into the groove of my Hal Higdon training program, I was hooked.

Here are three great Runner’s World articles I liked today:

Pre-race warm-ups

A theory on why you get sick on long flights

Using hard workouts to prepare for the race

Although early on I aimed for the Budapest Marathon, the timing was not right with the demands of my current contract position, which runs on the U.S. Government fiscal year (Oct 1 – Sept 30 each year). Thus, I sought out other European marathons and decided to dazzle myself by running alongside Lago di Garda (Lake Garda) in northern Italy. What a treat!

Registering for the race was another unique twist on living abroad. The organization of the entry form online bodes well for the organization of the race. The option for a foreigner living abroad was available, and I had no problems with making my payment. I must provide two requirements previously unheard of to me: a one-time 7 Euro fee for using the roads during the race (charged by one layer of Italian bureaucracy called FIDAL), and a health certificate. The health certificate must state that I am fit enough to participate – what a great requirement!

The International Lake Garda Marathon combines the sparkle of Italy’s largest lake with the dramatic backdrop of the Alps. When I come up against either of the two walls in the marathon, I hope the landscape will provide inspiration to keep climbing.



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7 responses to “Two walls, a sparkling mountain lake, and a finish line

  1. I love running posts! Thanks for linking to those RW articles. I was especially interested in the long flights article because I’m going back to the US in three weeks.
    Exciting that you’re doing an Italian marathon! I’m not going to be able to run my whole marathon. I’ve had to take a month off, and it’s been very upsetting. I’m not really sure what I’m going to do. I can’t wait to read more about your training though! I’m definitely signing up for another marathon in the spring. I also loved Higdon’s plan and felt it was really approachable.

    • yea for marathon in the spring…maybe we can meet up if you do it in Europe! I’ll write more about my training – especially now as I am facing the three longest training runs over the next six weeks (every other week 18, 20, 20)… with the shift in races, I pushed the 18 from last weekend to this weekend, and that little spot in my gut that was nervous has just stayed there hanging out. time to test my mettle! (well, Saturday is time to do so…)

  2. Marathons are fantastic. Crazy and insane…YES but terrific just the same! So glad you found one in Italia. I have my eyes set on the Paris or Berlin Marathons sometime in the near future….Right now I’m training for Chicago, stateside. Some Mid-west love you say? Oh Yeahs! I applaud you taking on the long runs solo in Sicilia. I remember training in Florence where the gym I joined had a smoking lounge. La Bella Vitá, purtroppo?
    I’d love to see some scenery from your long runs. Also @sara before I did the Marine Corps a few years ago I took a month off. I did the whole thing, slowly but it worked out and I’m better for it. Completing the marathon is still pretty amazing!

    • some long run Sicilia photos:

      I’m planning on taking my camera again this weekend. the 18-miler I have is intimidating me…16 and 18 mess with my head more than the 20 mile training run.

      If you end up doing Berlin or Paris, let me know. I’ll be in Europe for two more years and, well, I’ll be around and looking for another race. So glad to finally meet you, even virtually, i’ve heard your name via Millie often!

  3. Fabrizio

    As for the Lake Garda Marathon, the 7 euro fee is not for using the roads. It is for a one-day registration to FIDAL (Federazione italiana dell’atletica leggera) which is the Italian Athletics Federation. By the way, I ‘m going to run the marathon, too. I hope to finish in about 3 hours and 20 minutes. See you there. Good luck.

    • I thought that the FIDAL fee went toward using the road – maybe I misread the information on the website! I am excited for the race, though my goal time is a bit later than yours. I’m aiming for right around 4 hours, give or take a few minutes. Only 5 weeks to go!

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