Sunday News Edition

While the mind-numbingly juvenile back and forth of the U.S. political machine drones on, here are are few snippets that are more compelling, interesting, and have a certain joie de vivre…

Pussy Riot sentenced to two years …joie de vivre might lead to jailtime, but freedom has never been truly free now, has it?

Speaking of things that aren’t truly free, the Blackfeet tribe has opened its land to oil exploration, a decision that was controversial even among tribe members. As my father-in-law points out, it isn’t always pleasant to think about the sacrifices that are made around the world to fuel the cars and planes we use to visit these beautiful places. Fuel consumption has been the albatross around my neck since moving to Sicily. Whereas I went the entire month of May 2011 without driving my car once, I now put on at least 200 miles a week. Ugh.

…while it might not have been an active prejudice, it was still there.

Akio Suyematsu has passed away. I stood under the gaze of this then-living legend during my volunteer work on Bainbridge Island, Washington. A wise soul whose humility was so pervasive as to be invisible, but for those who knew even a part of his history, instant admiration was a sure result. His obituary was passed on to me this week.

Reading this blog post and any of the articles just made your mind that much more nimble, so says the Harvard Business Review.

Have a great day!


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