A Mohawk Farewell

In the Navy, H&F stands for Hail and Farewell. Usually when one person is stepping into a command, another person is leaving; that’s sort of how the whole rotation thing works.

Today, our command had an F.

A farewell.

There is no coming hail, either.

We bid a bittersweet farewell to the soft-spoken, comedic, dreamy teenage summer hire. The government opts to pay the summer hires a measly federal minimum wage, which I think is outrageous generally, and especially so for a gig that is limited to six weeks out of the summer, but I’m not in the big chairs writing policy, so I’ll stay in the back seat for now.

In any case, D was a great employee to have around. He interacted with just about everyone in the command, he bonded with his super supervisor Gene, and he provided all of us the opportunity to get inspired by a young person in our midst. Oh wait, we’re ALL young. According to D, “old” doesn’t happen until you cross the 65-year-old threshold. Whew!

To honor D’s mohawk, our office created mohawk hairpieces, courtesy of Melissa’s handi-crafts…

Orange Hawk

Mama Hen-hawk

The Rare “Red T-Hawk”

Profile Hawks

Rockin’ Hawks

And, the guy who inspired us all, D, is front and center in the group photo:

Rockabilly Jilly Hawk


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