Holy Basil, Batman!

There’s a Mt. Etna sunset I need to catch, so this will be brief.

The mix of love, a fork-spade, and Sicilian sunshine brought these basil plants from seed. FROM SEED! Maybe I’m uncovering some green in my thumb after all…

The arugula in the middle of both pots is also from seed, but as you can see, it isn’t faring nearly as well after I thinned out the starter plants.

Another mixed pot of thyme, chives, and arugula is thriving, too!

Incidentally, I saw the latest Batman film this week – it was good. Happy Friday!



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4 responses to “Holy Basil, Batman!

  1. I love basil! Especially in pots by my back porch so I can grab it easily. When I was in Greece I was flabbergasted over how big the basil was. People were growing in on their front porches. I finally had to stop and take a picture: http://damommacheftravels.wordpress.com/2011/08/16/my-food-experience-in-athens/

    I really liked Batman too. Now I gotta go see Spider man.

    • Thanks for the link – I loved that basil photo…and the Greek pastries photos. The honey-phyllo combo is delightful to me, too. So funny that Parisians chastised you, I guess it’s a natural reaction to so many tourists, but it’s also how they’ve gained such a reputation, lol.

  2. Gorgeous pictures, especially love the last one! Basil is my absolute favorite herb and I try to use it as much as possible. Never get sick of it! I think my favorite basil recipe is strawberry basil pesto. Yummm.

    • I have never tired of basil.

      I think I am about to tire of running…I’m staring down an 18-mile run next Saturday and I have to admit, I’m more than a little intimidated. How’s your fitness?

      I’ve gotta get over to your new site and sign up for your email feed – I miss you in my inbox!

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