Return to Me

Greetings from Estonia!


The land of few smiles, much personal warmth and friendliness, and specialty homemade pickles – super fresh!

I am back home in Sicily’s heat, and more Estonia stories to come!



Filed under 5-100, Travel

2 responses to “Return to Me

  1. I’m just catching up on all your posts the past week. I love this one!! Awesome shades. How was the pickle??

    • It was crisp and delicious – very fresh, yet pickled long enough to pick-up (ha ha – PICK…up) the pickling spices. I wish I had had more time to try the different varieties. We were on a mission that day, and made it to both the cultural history museum and the printing press and paper museum/facilities (both have active working areas)…upcoming blog posts…

      The printing press was my overall favorite part of the trip – that and all the walking around…

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