Wisconsin Has Olympic Fever

Well, at least Ellsworth Creamery does…

For those of you who are out of the cheese curd loop, the cheese curd is a delectable nugget of cheese that is served squeaky fresh or lightly breaded and deep-fried. (Note: “lightly breaded” is perfection when it comes to cheese curds, sometimes you get stuck with thick crusty breading and those cheese curds are silly imitators…).

Like most finger foods, the food item itself is important, as noted above – not too much breading!!! However, the fanfare and flair come from the accompanying sauces. Don’t get me wrong, cheese curds are delightful on their own, or with a slight dusting of salt (for bland bread batter), and of course, the red ketchup bottle is the ubiquitous companion to the dive-bar cheese curd dish. However, garlic sauce, hot sauce, and homemade concoctions around the state offer a nice twist on the standard curd experience.

If you go for the fresh curd, you will find even more variety. Garlic & Dill. Jalapeno. Chipotle. The list goes on and on. Just thinking about it makes me long for Wisconsin!

In Madison, Wisconsin, check out the cheese curds at The Old-Fashioned for a light, popcorn like cheese curd experience, the Blue Moon for a traditional serving, or drive to any dive-bar-looking joint and order cheese curds. They often come in a plastic basket lined with some version of wax paper, you know, like the popcorn baskets, or the cracker baskets in some supper clubs.

What? You don’t know about supper clubs either? I hope you know about Wisconsin Friday Night Fish Fry…if not, you’d better start planning your next trip to Wisconsin! Who knows, maybe you’ll see some Olympic swimmers there, gnoshing on cheese curds.


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