Cooking for lunch and dinner tomorrow.

I love the internet. I found the braised veggie recipe by googling “recipe green cabbage carrot.” Boom, braised veggies. In retrospect, braising cabbage, carrot and onion isn’t really rocket science and I probably should have thought of it right away. Yet, the internet provides. Thank you, internet.

This is a lame blog week because I just wrapped up a super busy month of work. The government’s fiscal year runs from October 1st to September 30th. That means all of the projects I am working on are getting a big push for completion in the next six to eight weeks. I like to get ahead of the curve, to get out in front of the ball, to be proactive…you get my drift, so I worked longer hours in July to be prepared for the August and September push.

I am sounding more dramatic than it is. My friend Dan, sadist that he is, regularly works twice as much in a week; yet, to me, it IS dramatic. Part of enjoying this life in Italy is taking the time to live it fully. To work, yet remember to live.

Braising duty calls, hope you have a lovely summer day today – we’re already deep into the summer months, enjoy the sweaty moments while they last!


Mmmmm…braised veggies…


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