Fire, Fire, Sunset

Happy Monday!

I’m settled into my evening that arrived after a long and productive Monday. I hope your Monday is treating you half as well as mine. Sicily never ceases to amaze me. This weekend I enjoyed an incredibly professional, multi-course, gourmet, local dinner at the agriturismo Murgo. It is so close to our house that I actually ran within a half mile of it on my twelve mile run last weekend.

We dined al fresco under vines full of ripening grapes. We celebrated a group of wonderful colleagues from WWC (Wittenberg Weiner Consulting, my employer). Not only did the meal, company and setting blow me away, but the hard-working staff did, too! They were cheerful, running a serious service game, and gracious as all get out. Mind you, we were dripping sweat in the 8pm evening heat at the get go. Our head server cooly appeared just when we needed him, and I only once saw sweat beaded on his brow.

With no real segue from that night to this, I’m going to roll right into the photo feature of this blogpost, with two fires and a sunset. The fires are quick iphone shots as I approached our village this evening. The flames eventually leapt high enough to climb above the treetops in between our home and the fire. Meanwhile, Mt. Etna basked in the waning sunlight…

I could feel the heat on the left side of my face as I drove past the fire!

Gentle giant, the beautiful Mt. Etna.

What did you do this weekend? Did anything somewhat ordinary blow you away with extraordinary attention to detail?



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4 responses to “Fire, Fire, Sunset

  1. I made ice cream. I requested leave next Monday (after my ice cream social) and plan to sit all day doing nothing.

  2. That Mt Etna photo is stunning. Is that from your iPhone as well??

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