A twelve mile run in Six.

After a 1.25 mile climb; the big pay-off.

I am not the only living creature seeking the sun that morning.

“F.lli Scalzo” are the Scalzo Brothers – reminds me of my great-aunt and great-uncle Scalzo!

This view does absolutely zero justice to the climb I endured, it felt like a 45 degree angle. To my dearly departed (from Sicily) friend Sara – I blame YOU for my recent affinity for making such climbs!

An unusual and simply gorgeous blossom; I ran by this twice, both times I simply melted at the beauty of them.

Post-run bounty! As I came in the gate, my elderly neighbor emerged from the gardens alongside our area. We have developed a Saturday ritual! He is always offering me fruits and vegetables, but we’ve had some communication issues. This day, I asked “Cuando?!” (When?). He replied, “Adesso!” (Now!) – Thus, I ended up with a shirtfull of glorious pomodori (tomatoes). It doesn’t get more local than this!


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6 responses to “A twelve mile run in Six.

  1. Anonymous

    The “unusual” blossom you saw is from the caper plant. A very beautiful flower indeed.

  2. The “unusual” blossom you came across is from the caper plant. A beautiful and fragrant flower indeed.

  3. That’s what I’m talking about! That view!! I honestly don’t know how you run that early in the morning (especially that far that early), but I think I miiiiight be able to find the energy if I knew I was going to have a view like that. Also, I do have to admit there is something ridiculously peaceful about being out that early – a feeling you can’t capture any other time!

    • Exactly – the peacefulness is what draws me out there. Well, that and the heat that looms on the horizon with the sunrise. This weekend it was scorching hot at 9am both Saturday and Sunday. I finished up Saturday’s run just before 8am; 15 miles! I’m really excited – thanks for all the inspiration. I’ve gotta get over and re-subscribe on your new self-host site – Congratulations!

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