“I’m the pah-ty poop-uh”

A special day.

Today is the day for celebrating my birth! Yay! As part of my celebration, I am re-watching a childhood favorite and 80s classic, Kindergarten Cop!

Kindergarten Cop is wonderful, not only for the warm fuzzy memories of watching it with my brother and sister, but also for the hilarious punch lines it offered into adulthood.

Additionally, it has some strong female characters. Though they are given short shrift here and there, Crisp’s mother, Schwarzenegger’s cop side kick, and Dominick’s mother are all interesting and layered characters. They are actual people, as opposed to many of the lame female characters peppered into junk movies these days (see: Iron Man series). Ah, yes, the sturdy principle, though she is grounded in the “love for children” role that is a limited role for women. Granted, as my descriptions show, they are all dependent on the male character grounding them to the movie’s plot, yet at least they have some depth.

Kindergarten Cop would probably fail the Bechdel Test:

As far as enjoying the ironies of Kindergarten Cop, I have to tell you that I am not alone. There is a famous (infamous?) series of prank calls using lines from the movie. I thought this was from the Jerky Boys, that infamous group of prank callers, but I couldn’t find it by searching that way. Instead, here is a call reminiscent of those I remember giggling at sometime in the 90s. I hope you enjoy it!

More recently, the Criterion Collection made a Kindergarten Cop joke, too. And another playful Criterion Collection bit based on Kindergarten Cop is here.

Here is another fun newer rip on the Kindergarten Cop lines.

I would be lying if I didn’t say that I have distinct reservations about promoting work of somebody I fear is a philandering idiot; however, we all have our shiny baubles and our huge embarrassing failures. I’m focusing on shiny baubles today, and that allows full unadulterated enjoyment of this silly movie. Hope you have some shiny baubles in your day, too!



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2 responses to ““I’m the pah-ty poop-uh”

  1. Happy Birthday, Jill! I’ve never seen Kindergarten Cop. Maybe I’ll check it out on Netflix. Thanks for sharing the Bechdel Test video, that was very interesting. But I know I’m going to be waiting for women to talk about something other than men the next time I watch a movie and probably miss some key plot point!

    • Unfortunately, Tracy, the Bechdel test will help you learn that usually women don’t have lines that are necessary to plot development, so you probably won’t miss anything! It sucks once you realize this…but knowledge is power…somehow.

      Thanks for the warm wishes! And, definitely watch Kindergarten Cop the next time you need a good laugh!

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