Crate and Barrel, minus the crate, add another barrel

After my lovely 12-mile run through nearby Mt. Etna villages on Saturday, I was planning to share a few favorite photos with you. However, we had a wine barrel delivery and we had to pick up our wine barrels after work.

Additionally, this morning we had a true thunderstorm, and the power at the gym was out, so I put my run into the evening instead of knocking it out this morning. The thunderstorm brought a nice cool breeze to what is typically a searing sun in the late afternoon in Sicily. Dave and I tooled around a quick three-mile loop and then headed to my colleague’s house to pick up the wine barrels.

Melissa had the grand idea to decorate with wine barrels, and in order to convince Gambino winery to deliver them, she put together a group of friends and neighbors who wanted to decorate with wine barrels, too – or make stuff out of them, or do mysterious things with them that I won’t mention here. In any case, she pulled it off and for a quick 90 Euro each, the wine barrels were ours!

It is like the Element was designed to carry two wine barrels, they fit perfectly without many inches to spare!

Here’s the view from inside, there’s Melissa & Dave! Ciao!

We’re using our imagination with a countertop left over from another purchase, and we’re planning to make a table on our terrace. Here are some other inventive uses,

Little did I know I was also making an investment in a rental item for weddings and parties – SIDE business calling! In any case, we lugged them home and are plotting our decor. Buona notte!


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6 responses to “Crate and Barrel, minus the crate, add another barrel

  1. At first I thought there would be wine in them and I worried about your drinking! But those pictures look cool. I look forward to seeing what you do with them.

    • I look forward to it, too. we need to stain them and secure the metal to the wood so when the wood wants to grow or shrink, the overall barrel stays relatively the same. LOL, 90 Euro for a barrel with the wine it in would be a great deal, ha ha.

  2. Sharon

    I like the barrel with the glass top and the corks underneath. I have started my cork collection, I guess I need a barrel and glass top. And then the bottle of wine, a glass to drink the wine, …

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