Definitely not a hoverer

Today I used the bathroom at the Liberty Center on base, charmingly called “Take 5.”

Upon entering the stall, I saw this sign.


This pleased me.

I am not a hoverer. I do not understand the practice to be anything other than a neurotic fear indulged by germa-phobes. I think hoverers pee on themselves more than non-hoverers with incidental spray and drip, thus canceling out contact with urine. Therefore, it must be a fear of other people’s pee, which is easily addressed by wiping the seat with tissue or using a toilet seat cover.

Hoverers are the very people who get urine on the seat, so you think they’d get that last point.

Do you hover?



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8 responses to “Definitely not a hoverer

  1. Melanie

    I thought about this post every time I used a public restroom today 🙂 Haha

  2. Hahaha! This made me laugh. It’s so true though – people who hover are the worst. It’s because of THEM that there’s a problem with pee on the toilet seat in the first place! I only hover if I see someone else’s pee on the seat, in which case I’m just not keen to wipe it off. What if my finger slips, and I accidentally touch it?? I know that stupid, but it’s a fear!

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