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Ciao tutti,

here at the Cinquecento Project, executive management has been happy to float along on the theme of inspiration, and hope the rest of you tag along for the journey. The blog isn’t fixated on adapting my U.S. American self to this semi-charmed kind of Italian life; though that is a major theme of the blog. No political agenda is pushed, though liberal/progressive content tends to be featured when world or U.S. politics and current events are covered. Mostly, what the project aims to do is to uncover the bits and pieces of everyday life that offer the inspiration that feeds souls. Being my blog, I am sharing the bits that feed my soul.

Today, I received an email from a longtime friend who is embarking on a new path into the mostly unknown, or at least very unfamiliar. She is taking risks to reach gains in the future, mostly realized in terms of familial gains, personal satisfaction gains, and soul-gratifying gains.

A fervent coffee, beer, and wine enthusiast who extremely rarely dabbled in any other drug, she wrote:
“Last night, I was thinking of all the times I have felt extreme euphoria (without doing drugs), with a sense that life is super great, that I can do anything and that I feel ultra-connected with everyone in the world.”

Extreme euphoria: life is super great; I can do anything; I feel ultra-connected with everyone in the world.

Just reading those lines tapped into the core of who I am and what motivates me to get out of bed every day. Tapping into that lively pulse of our universe; feeling the flow inside me when I step into the rhythm of my community; practicing my own music when I stay in for the night and listen to my mind and my body.

As the Cinquecento Project nears its one-year anniversary, things may get nostalgic, things may get introspective, and things may get extremely euphoric.

Was there a time when you felt extreme euphoria? Where were you? What were you doing? How long did it last? Were you able to tap into that memory in the following days, weeks, months, years, decades?

Step into the community and share your experiences below.



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7 responses to “Friendly Inspiration

  1. Ugh, I just wrote a long comment through Google Reader on Chrome (which I thought was the coolest trick ever, but apparently doesn’t work?!?) that seems not to have published.

    I just said (let’s see if I can remember what I said…) that I love the way you write. It’s clear you are a deep thinker and thoughtful, caring person in all your posts, even the shorter updates.

    Extreme euphoria actually sounds a little painful! I have one memory that I think clearly counts…once while running in a beautiful green park on the edge of Brussels during my study abroad semester I felt this unusual peace and clarity that I was doing exactly what I needed to be doing and I stopped worrying about anything else while I was there. One of the songs I listened to during that run always, always reminds me of that feeling. I tried to write about it for a memoir prompt once but the feeling was so fleeting that it kept floating away when I tried to put it in words.

    If this comes through twice, feel free to pick your favorite version and delete the other!

  2. I don’t know if I’d call it extreme euphoria, but I have those “I can do anything” happy feelings when I accomplish goals. When I’m just going to work every day, not working on bettering myself or moving forward I start feeling really depressed and worthless. That was one reason why I love running so much and can’t wait to start again! It gave me that feeling every week when I’d push through another barrier.
    I just read this article yesterday which mildly relates to what you’re saying, but I thought it was really interesting and it relates to the fact that social media perhaps makes us appreciate more deeply these little moments of life. I definitely think it does for me, because now I’m always thinking, how can I capture this so I can remember it forever?

    • yes, that definitely describes how i feel about running, too! in fact, there is a loop that i did last weekend. it was uphill for about 1.25 miles before any major relief, but it was gradual enough that it was manageable…and while that doesn’t sound at all appealing, even as I wrote it now, I am probably going to include it again tomorrow because of the incredible view at the top of the loop-hill (not the top of the actual hill…not by a long shot). It was about 6am when I crested it last week and the world felt vulnerable and open to me, it was a priceless feeling as I ran along and stared down the mountain and out over the sea. maybe this weekend i’ll bring the iphone and share a photo with you!

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