I love shopping in Sicily

Today while shopping, I pulled a typical Jill-move and was making my way through the store to the ‘cassa’ (cashier) with my arms full to the brim with product.

I shop this way on purpose sometimes; I do it to preclude my greedy little hands from reaching out for the delightful products en route to the cashier.

Sicily has several “home” stores that are set up in an Ikea fashion. There is one smallish entrance and the store meanders in a predetermined pathway through the various areas of the house. You never really know where you will find certain items, unless you memorize the layout or have a clairvoyance that escapes me. Thus, when my hands are full, I either have to put something back to pick up another good, or I have to just say that I don’t really need it anyway. I like this method.

And yet, I was delighted when a store clerk stopped what he was doing to unburden my hands. This man made me stop when I was about halfway through the store’s predetermined pathway. He grabbed a shopping-basket-on-wheels, took the items out of my hands, shooed me away as I tried to put the items in the basket, and perfectly arranged my goods so that I could continue through the store with ease.

While I did end up buying a few more items because of this, I have to admit it was much more comfortable to pull my items along behind me. The gentleman was so kind and pleased to have helped me, yet he shrugged off my thanks with ease and returned to his work.

I’m not much for chivalry, and the Sicilians have a way of helping each other out that is a step beyond chivalry.



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4 responses to “I love shopping in Sicily

  1. Ashley

    I have a similar shopping technique. I take two reusable shopping bags into the store. Instead of using a cart or basket, I just fill the bags. That way, I do not buy more than I can carry. More importantly for me, it makes me shop quicker because it is uncomfortable. I love to shop slowly, walking down all the aisles, looking at all the items the store has to offer. Shopping this way is risky, however, because I do get the occasional suspicious glance. I’ve contemplated wearing a sign around my neck that says “No, I am not shoplifting. I am going to pay.”

    • Ashley – I’ve done the same with the shopping bags, especially when I was living in Seattle and walked to/from as many stores as I was able (which was everything in my neighborhood). Sometimes, I still came back fairly weighted down…mostly because the library was often the last place on my route, and I always have room for one more book!

  2. Haha! I do this as well, but the only place where anyone bothers to take my stuff is at Banana Republic. If they ever see you with an arm full of clothes they’ll take it for you and put it in a changing room. So then I can go fill up my arms again …

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